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Warning: Kids, do NOT shower in front of your coach’s duffle bag!

Say what you will about former Texas Tech and Indiana coach Bob Knight, but Bob Knight would never, and we mean NEVER, do something like this.

A complaint filed in U.S. District Court accuses a Webster City middle school coach of using minors with the intent to produce child pornography.

A mini cassette believed to belong to Shawn Mofle, 41, the seventh-grade basketball coach at Webster City Middle School, contained images taken in a locker room at the school, the complaint alleges.

When police officer Shiloh Mork viewed the video, it appeared to have been filmed on four separate dates in January, according to the complaint filed Jan. 30. The video contained images of juvenile boys showering in a locker room.

The video appeared to have been made with a video camera placed in an object such as a duffle bag, the complaint said.

The camera was positioned and then repositioned to maintain focus on the boys groin area. It is clear the videos were not taken accidentally, the complaint said.

Suddenly, strangling, screaming, cussing, hitting and chair throwing look pretty respectable, huh?


[]: Webster City coach faces pornography charge