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The rich keep getting richer, but we’re not bitter

As if being a rich-ass, supermodel-pulling, fast car-driving sports superstar isn’t already enough; ESPN is showering these multi-millionaires with a grocery cart full of free stuff that would cost the normal person a year’s salary. Oh, and for good measure, they’re going to present them with awards for how great they are just so they […]

Athletes and horrible ads, a match made in heaven

Now that we’re a good ways into the NBA playoffs, those damn split-screen commercials with a pair of All-Stars yapping about the importance of winning it all are really getting annoying. But they’re still better than some of the others ads athletes have taken part in and we’ve found a list of The Top 25 […]

Somebody call the wahambulance, we got a crier on our hands

Terrell Owens was moved to tears after the Cowboys were knocked out of the Playoffs last week and it got us to thinking. Is there anything worse than the `crying face’? We say no, but you judge for yourself. Sorry D-Wade, but there’s no way we could you let you get out of this.

Athletes have some big mouths and we are so thankful for it

Sports are best known for the drama, spectacle and pure athleticism that surround the competition, but there’s another reason that we watch sports and it has nothing to do with offense, defense or special teams. It has to do with the whacky stuff that comes outta athletes’ mouths nowadays. We’d love to say that we’ve […]

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