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Odds and Ends: Adidas unleashes its inner Nazi

Ever since Nike came up with their “Swoosh” logo, other shoe companies have desperately attempted to distinguish themselves with a similarly iconic symbol. Most, if not all, have failed to even breath the same air as Nike when it comes to logos and it’s primarily because of ideas like this one. Adidas has released a […]

Nobody will get mad about shoes made from kangaroo, right?

David Beckham just got to America and he’s already causing trouble. Apparently the California Supreme Court has banned the sale of soccer cleats that Beckham made popular because they are made from kangaroo leather. The kangaroo hide seems to make a pretty sweet shoe, but, for some reason, people are all worked up over the […]

Reggie Bush joins Adidas "uprising"

Sure there’s a new report today about transcipts that tie Reggie Bush to the shady wannabe sports agency called New Era Sports & Entertainment but like he said, “it’s no big deal.” Especially when he knows it will absolutely have no effect on his draft status or his ability to sign big money endorsement deals. […]

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