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Around the Rim: Rocket powered rejection

1. Spurs get Pop’d in the mouth In a Southwest showdown, the Rockets bounced back from a road loss to the Mavericks and defeated the Spurs 89-81 in Houston. The loss knocked San Antonio from the ranks of the unbeatens and left them to ponder bigger problems than the eight point differential in offense. Led […]

Skip To My Lou claims he’s not a spitter

Rafer Alston was arrested on charges of misdemeanor assault and public intoxication on Sunday in Houston for allegedly getting into a war of words with a parking lot attendant after Alston’s car was towed. Alston was also accused of grabbing, shaking and spitting on the attendant during the altercation. Apparently, his car was illegally parked […]

Yao Ming does not have jungle fever

(Does anyone still use the term jungle fever anymore? That movie was like what… 1992?) There’s a rule about lying. If you’re gonna make something up, make it so preposterous that it’s believable. is rumor-mongering (thank you Al Davis) that Yao Ming is dating 5’2″ Nia Long because he became a huge fan of […]

Van Gundy says Yao’s shoes are the problem

Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy is blaming Reebok for keeping his franchise center off the court. This is a reoccurring issue with Yao’s feet, and he’s not getting the shoe on time from Reebok,” Van Gundy said. “He is not getting the shoe fitted properly so he doesn’t have reoccurring issues with his toe and […]

Yao Ming Wildlife PSA commercial

Yesterday, we told you about Yao Ming’s campaign to protect wildlife and him swearing off shark fin soup. Well, here’s the video where jumps onto a basketball court to block a bullet fired at an elephant.

No shark fin soup for you!

It’s been a while since Yao Ming has been in the news. But he’s back to tell you to lay off the shark fin soup and save other wildlife. As the human population increases, many wildlife species are decreasing, and the primary reason is that humans fail to treat animals as friends. He also taped […]

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