Houston Rockets

Skip To My Lou claims he’s not a spitter

Rafer Alston was arrested on charges of misdemeanor assault and public intoxication on Sunday in Houston for allegedly getting into a war of words with a parking lot attendant after Alston’s car was towed. Alston was also accused of grabbing, shaking and spitting on the attendant during the altercation. Apparently, his car was illegally parked and he didn’t pay which tends to get under the skin of most parking lot guys from our past experiences.

On Monday, Alston was outta the slammer and he was not to happy about his unscheduled detour from the big ballin’ lifestyle and says that he was falsely accused and arrested.

We got into a shouting match. My car was towed and I was basically asking the parking attendant where he had my car towed to,” Alston said in a story on KRIV’s Web site. “There were no hits, nothing transpired. The guy runs off and yells down the street, like, he needed an officer over here. Before you know it, the officer puts me in cuffs and takes me downtown.”

“I asked the guy what was I being charged with and he said public intoxication and assaulting someone, and I said, ‘I am neither of those,”‘ Alston said.

We’re not quite ready to sentence Skip To My Lou to a ferret leggin’ just yet over the supposed saliva slinging; after all, parking lot dudes don’t usually have the sunniest dispositions in the first place. In fact, we can totally see how this has the possibility of being a case of a nobody trying to get some free cash from a somebody. While we going to hold off on labeling Alston as the next Roberto Alomar, we are going to figure that the public intoxication charge will probably stick. After all, at 1:45 a.m., there’s not much reason for a pro athlete to be out and about other than getting blitzed.


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