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Life is good when you’re Tony Romo, both on and off the field

If you think that Scott Van Pelt is the only person in America with a giant-sized man crush on Tony Romo then you’re outta your mind! After wowing the world with the longest four yard gain in the history of football and then overcoming a five interception performance to lead the Cowboys to victory, there are so many people on the bandwagon that Dallas is legitimately America’s Team again.

So, does he really deserve all the hype? Well, it’s hard to argue with the numbers. When you compare his first 16 games to the starts of some other notable quarterbacks, Romo looks like he could be on his way to becoming a football god.

Record: 11-4
Stats: 305 of 481 (63.4 pct); 4,149 yards (276.6 ypg); 29 TDs; 18 INTs
Noteworthy: Seven 300-yard games; only Troy Aikman (13) and Danny White (10) have more in club history.

Record: 15-1
Stats: 158 of 277 (57.0); 2,274 yards (142.1); 19 TDs; 9 INTs
Noteworthy: Led Cowboys to Super Bowl title the season he took over.

Record: 2-14
Stats: 239 of 433 (55.2); 2,664 yards (166.5); 12 TDs; 25 INTs
Noteworthy: With nowhere to go but up, Aikman went on to win three Super Bowls in a 4-year span.

Record: 15-1
Stats: 219 of 335 (65.4); 3,133 yards (195.8); 21 TDs; 9 INTs
Noteworthy: First loss was in his 16th career start, vs. Patriots, the team Romo is facing Sunday in his 16th career start. He led Steelers to Super Bowl title his second season in charge.

Record: 13-3
Stats: 313 of 481 (65.1); 3,360 yards (210); 23 TDs; 13 INTs
Noteworthy: Like Romo, got his big chance by replacing Drew Bledsoe. Like Aikman, won three Super Bowls in four years.

Record: 9-7
Stats: 323 of 502 (64.3); 3,390 yards (211.9); 20 TDs; 17 INTs
Noteworthy: Favre’s rise to becoming the owner of most prestigious QB records got going in Green Bay in 1992, and 12-year-old Romo was watching closely in Burlington, Wisc.

Record: 3-13
Stats: 326 of 575 (56.7); 3,739 yards (233.7); 26 TDs; 28 INTs
Noteworthy: At 9-0 last season, and headed to a Super Bowl title, Manning’s first loss was to the Romo-led Cowboys.

Now, we’re not quite ready to crown Romo the next John Elway just yet. We’re not even ready to crown him the next Jim Kelly. Until his Crisco hands get the Boys a postseason victory he’s still just plain ol’ Tony Romo to us. Once he gets four Super Bowl defeats under his belt then maybe we’ll elevate him to Kellyesque status.


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