The Freak is officially a music video extra

So, it appears that Jevon Kearse has been donating his off the field services to some really crappy rappers for a really crappy song that got made into a really crappy video. Kearse makes a pair of brief but very impact appearances (3:40 and 1:46 marks) in Shawty featuring T-Pain and Symon Dagrapp’s single entitled Piles. Uh, who?

Now, we don’t know too much about the modern hippity-hop, but we figured that if Jevon wanted to be in someone’s rap video, it would have been more along the line of 50 Cent or Snoop Dogg. But hey, if Lil’ John is working on the same project as the Freak, then it has got to be some extremely high quality work.


[The 700 Level]: Jevon Kearse in rap video

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  1. anonymous | Jun 26, 2007 | Reply

    jevon kearse appearance in rap video — for the uneducated person who slammed JK for being in Plies rap video. FYI, they are long time friends from the same town and the last time I checked. “thats what friends do!” Maybe you should find some good friends like that they are really nice to have around. And as far as the song plies is a better rapper then p….Did..who?

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