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Nobody wants a numb penis or a sore labia

We’ve seen a lot of weird ads for workout gear in the past but this one absolutely takes the cake. Descente, which manufactures cycling, isn’t holding back in their ads for their new cycling shorts. In the print ad, Dr. Frank wants to talk to you about cycling and your scrotum.

Compression of arteries in your perineum restricts blood flow. That’s the space between your penis, vagina, and anus. AKA, the “t’aint.”

And the results aren’t pretty. A numb penis. A sore labia. An erection that points to the left or right. (Which looks silly, by the way). Or, in some really extreme cases, impotence.

Well, damn. If the buy these shorts can help us prevent weird pointing erections and impotence, then they’re worth every penny. But is it really necessary to put the word t’aint in an ad? Too bad Descente doesn’t make football gear, Eli Manning sure could use something for his sore labia.

[Ad Freak]: Truth in advertising: Descente bike shorts

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