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Odds and Ends: Another sports meets rap disaster

Just the other day we were sitting around talking about the history of sports but a funny thing happened when our timeline hit the late 60’s. Turns out we couldn’t remember a damn thing about the world of athletics from 1965-1969. Thank goodness for a couple of Eminem wannabes doing a lame history project and YouTube. And, of course, we gotta give a shout out to the good fellas at You Been Blinded for dropping this knowledge bomb on our noggin. We promise to never forget the late 60’s again, but there’s no such guarantee for the late 90’s. Way too many dollar beer nights!

In other news…

[]: Tiger Woods wins this golf tournament too

[SportsbyBrooks]: A-Rod likes to swing and we’re not talking bats, folks

[]: Soccer fans get crushed in Zambia

[The Golf Blog]: Is Phil really “Just Like Us”?

[YouTube]: Cubs are already self-destructing

And finally, how big of a Penn State football are you? Well if you’re gonna be the most diehard Nittany Lions fan on the planet then you gotta get your hands on the PSU motorcycle up for grabs on eBay. And all it’ll cost you to have this one of a kind hog is $60,000 if you act fast.

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