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Odds and Ends: As if the restrooms at sports stadiums aren’t disgusting enough already

This is seriously one of the sickest old men man ever and he’s exactly why parents need to keep an eye on their kids at all times when attending a ball game.

A man whose trial two years ago made public a long-held fetish for drinking the urine of young boys has surfaced again in the Columbus area.

And according to complaints filed with Dublin police, his fetish still has him helpless to resist it. …

Official reports indicate he has been observed putting Saran wrap on toilet seats in public, sports-related venues with the apparent intent to drink any urine collected there.

It was that practice that drew Patton to the attention of Gahanna authorities in 2006. During his trial, authorities said he collected urine from boys at a movie theater — and at times even paid for it.

Seriously, not even Herbert the Pervert would do something that gross.

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Honestly Joe, we don’t even remember your apology

A pretty embarrassing situation went down in the Mountain West Conference over the weekend. Wyoming head ball coach Joe Glenn, who guaranteed victory earlier in the week, got a wee frustrated after Utah tried to run up the score by attempting an onside kick while winning 43-0. But he didn’t throw his clipboard or let little wads of spittle smack a ref in the face as he unleashed his unhappiness. Nope, he just decided to calmly give the Utes a finger (guess which one) and on Monday he apologized for it.

I met with my team on Sunday and apologized to them for the gesture I made toward the Utah bench during the game,” Glenn said in a statement.

“I also want to apologize to all fans for that action. Football is an emotional game, and I let my emotions get the best of me,” he said. “I felt it was appropriate for me to let my team and all fans know that I am truly sorry for that emotional moment.”

Mountain West Conference officials planned to review videotape of the game. According to the conference handbook, obscene gestures or language are subject to at least a reprimand for a first offense.

After the loss Saturday, Glenn said he didn’t remember giving the finger.

“Honest to God, I can’t even respond to it,” he said at the time. “Maybe, I don’t know.”

It was an embarrassing week for Glenn.

He had publicly guaranteed a win over Utah (7-3, 4-2 Mountain West Conference). Late in the game, the crowd of 42,000 in Salt Lake City began chanting “guarantee.”

“I got emotional last week and got my big Irish mouth going and made the guarantee,” Glenn said. I’d probably like to have it back now. I wouldn’t do it again. Find the crow and I’ll eat it.

Couple things. First, you “met with my team on Sunday and apologized to them”??? Shouldn’t you be apologizing to a completely different locker room of players?

Second, don’t make guarantees if you don’t want to get hell for it. Especially when you’re on the road. We don’t care if you’re sitting in an igloo in the artic circle with just a polar bear. That bear better be a rug if you guarantee a victory in front of him. You got exactly what you deserved.

Third, did you seriously expect to get away with the whole wrapped-up-in-the-moment, amnesia defense? Football coaches remember every second of every game and every play on every down, but yet he can’t remember what happened after the onside kick? About the only person dumb enough to buy that would be someone dumb enough to guarantee victory on the opponent’s turf.


[]: Wyoming Coach Apologizes For Giving Finger To Utah