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Proof that Jean Girard isn’t the only dillhole in auto racing

“Listen, kid, I said `No autographs!!'”


Talking head shows no mercy for weepy-eyed golfer

What’s funnier than seeing a grown man break down into tears over a poor performance on the links? For starters, there’s having some smug reporter chastise him on-air.

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Hahahahah. That’s why you’ll never be on ESPN or CNN.

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Somebody call the wahambulance, we got a crier on our hands

Terrell Owens was moved to tears after the Cowboys were knocked out of the Playoffs last week and it got us to thinking. Is there anything worse than the `crying face’? We say no, but you judge for yourself.

Sorry D-Wade, but there’s no way we could you let you get out of this.

Dallas Cowboys

Forget the popcorn, get your tissues ready

The lingering image of last year’s playoff experience for Dallas was Tony Romo sitting on the Seattle turf with his helmet buried in his hands. This year’s postseason snapshot isn’t much better for Cowboys fans. After becoming the NFC’s first No. 1 seed to lose their opening playoff game since the new system was adopted in 1990, a teary-eyed Terrell Owens took the mic and defended his quarterback.

T.O. said you needed to have your popcorn ready on Sunday and he wasn’t lying. Unfortunately, all the crying in the world isn’t going to keep the media and critics from pointing fingers at Romo and his tryst with Jessica Simpson. The questions surrounding his preparation are sure to pop up, but he looked pretty sharp until his line became completely ineffective down the stretch and the obvious frustration set in. Regardless, the Boys are going home early AGAIN and, like the botched hold and shoestring tackle of last season, Owens’ quivering lip will haunt Cowboys fans until they get another shot to snap their current 12-year playoff drought.