Evander Holyfield wants to KO the Forman Grill empire

For all the older readers out there, you probably never thought you’d live to see the day when George Foreman was selling a miniature grill on television. Well, believe it or not, but George has been pushing that thing for almost 13 years now! So, it’s about time he got some competition in the countertop grilling market.

Evander Holyfield thinks he’s going to be the guy to knock Forman out of the market altogether with his “Evander Holyfield Real Deal Grill.” Sounds good and all, but, Evander, how is your grill different and better than the “Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine” that’s been sitting in my kitchen since Christmas of ’99?

I’ve got a George Foreman grill. It’s a good grill,” Holyfield, 44, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “But don’t you think the latest grill is supposed to be the best grill?

Umm, you might want to work on your promotion campaign a little bit more if you want to get anywhere close to the $100 million worth of grills Foreman’s sold over the years.

Oh, wait, it sounds like someone has already gotten their hands on the former champ and his product.

Manufacturer CirTran Corp., based in Utah, approached Holyfield about promoting the $99 grill after he appeared on the TV show “Dancing With the Stars” in 2005. Holyfield dons an apron in a 30-minute commercial that began airing last week describing his product’s culinary and health benefits.

Now, we haven’t seen the ad yet, but we heard that Mike Tyson makes an appearance and raves about they way he perfectly grilled a human ear with Evander’s machine.


[]: Holyfield takes on Foreman Grill


Iron Mike wants to hang with Vick and the Juice in the big house

Mike Tyson is facing a maximum of four years and three months in prison after pleading guilty to drug possession and driving under the influence following being stopped outside a nightclub last year. His sentencing is scheduled for November 19. Maybe he can save a seat in the yard for Michael Vick’s December arrival.

I had possession of cocaine, and I drove under the influence,” he told the judge, his voice barely audible.

Tyson pleaded guilty to a single felony count of cocaine possession and a misdemeanor DUI count. A felony charge of possession of drug paraphernalia and a second misdemeanor DUI charge were dropped, according to the terms of a plea agreement.

In case you’ve forgotten, Iron Mike got busted with bags of cocaine inside his car and pockets after spending an evening with the ladies of Scottsdale’s Pussycat Lounge. The cop said he saw Tyson wiping a white substance off his dash and that his lispy speech was slurred.

We still can’t get over the fact of how far and how fast this guy fell from grace. Tyson used to embody what being a bad ass is all about, unfortunately for every devastating knock out he delivered, we got twice as much imbecilic and criminal behavior in return. We can’t wait until we have to explain this nut to our kids one day.


[USA Today]: Mike Tyson pleads guilty to drug, DUI charges


Floyd Mayweather is favored in big showdown. Oh, and he’s got a fight coming up too.

There are several sports related people participating in this season’s Dancing with the Stars, which kicks off on Monday, but only one of them has a 38-0 record against some of the toughest men on the planet: Mr. Floyd Mayweather. While boxing fans know all about the size and strength of Mayweather’s mouth, on Monday he gave his newly acquired ABC fan base a glimpse of how he rolls when he delivered a soft verbal right cross to WBC welterweight title contender Ricky Hatton.

The local boxer has talked some trash, reportedly labeling his opponent “Vicky Fatten.”

Mayweather said in a news conference Monday at Los Angeles: “Ricky Hatton’s cool for what he does, but fighting Floyd Mayweather is a totally different level. I’m at the pinnacle of my career — this is the creme-de-la-creme.”

Hatton countered by making fun of Mayweather: “He’s currently doing the show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and that’s how he’s boxing. Floyd always backs up. That’s the woman part.

Not bad guys, but we’re going to have to ask you to step up your game before you December 8th showdown. Calling each other little girls just ain’t gonna cut it. In fact, until you guys get a little more creative, we’re going to be focusing our attention on the big show and try to make some sweet jack with “Mr. Las Vegas” at 8-to-1. Seriously, the odds are out.

According to

Melanie Brown 4-1
Floyd Mayweather 5-1
Sabrina Bryan 11-2
Josie Maran 6-1
Cameron Mathison 7-1
Helio Castroneves 15-2
Jennie Garth 8-1
Wayne Newton 8-1
Albert Reed 10-1
Jane Seymour 12-1
Marie Osmond 12-1
Mark Cuban 15-1

Geez, we never would have guessed that Cubes would be the biggest underdog.


[]: Mocked by opponent for being `a woman,’ boxer Floyd Mayweather a favorite to win `Dancing with the Stars’


Floyd Mayweather Jr. makes jumping rope look pretty sweet

We haven’t touched a jump rope since the administration created a horrible six-week program back in sixth grade, but we still remember how frustrating that stupid rope could be. So, we were pretty taken back by Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his mad skills.

With twinkle toes like that, it won’t be long until Dancing with the Stars comes a callin’. Let’s see Emmitt Smith do that!


[Our Book of Scrap]: Floyd Mayweather Can Jump Some F**kin’ Rope


Hey, Iceman; we’ve got the perfect rebound opponent for you!

UFC vs. boxing, boxing vs. UFC; can’t we all just get along. Oh, we already know the answer to that one, we’re in America so nobody gets along but does it really have to all go down like this. In an attempt to put an end to the debate of MMA vs. boxing, Tommy “H.I.V.” Morrison says that he is going prove that the sweet science of boxing is far superior to the MMA tactics of fighters in UFC, PRIDE, K-1, etc. The fight is going down on Saturday night at an Arizona casino and Morrison’s opponent will be 325-pound John Stover. And according to Tommy, he doesn’t stand a chance.

I’m just going to walk out and hit him on the chin,” Morrison said at a news conference Thursday night. “I’m concerned about killing someone. I’m not kidding.”

“We’re trained to hit a moving target. These guys run in with their chin hanging out.

Looks like somebody watched the Chuck Liddell/Quinton Jackson fight. But Morrison’s mouth didn’t quit there. When asked about wearing four-ounce gloves he took another “I’m gonna kill you” shot.

I’m a little nervous about that _ not for myself but for the other guy,” Morrison said. “To me, it just seems like someone signing up for assassination class. He must be out of his mind.

What the hell is wrong with this guy? That’s a whole lotta talk for a guy who got his ass beat down the last time he was involved in an all-out brawl.

We’re know absolutely nothing about this Stover guy but we’re still gonna bet that Morrison’s fate is somewhat reminiscent of Johnnie Morton.


[]: Tommy Morrison prepares for MMA debut


Mike Tyson has big screen dreams

What’s this downward spiral that everybody says Mike Tyson is currently on? Obviously you guys haven’t heard about Iron Mike’s new career choice. Sure his in-ring skills have deteriorated to a point that they are virtually nonexistent but it’s about what you do with your life after the game goes away that can determine a legacy. Just ask George Forman about new life after boxing.

So, what’s Tyson up to these days you ask? Well, he just so happens to have his sights set on the big screen. Yup, looks like acting is the way this freak with the face tattoo is gonna start spending his free time. Tyson recently participated in a music video for the movie “Fool n Final” and apparently that’s when he got the bug.

OH, did we mention that Tyson isn’t looking to grace the big screen in America but instead has his eyes set on international stardom by making his name in Bollywood? And if you’re not familiar with India’s cinematic style then here’s a little sample.

Something tells us that Tyson has a bright future on the other side of the globe; of course he has to get there first. Mike is facing charges for drugs and DUI after an Arizona arrest landed him in the slammer, again. But acting is in Tyson’s blood; he’s been playing the role of a mentally unstable and disgusting individual for virtually his entire life. Maybe now he can get paid for it.


[]: Mike Tyson Says He Wants To Act In The Movies


Helmets + boxing = safe; right?

Kids (boys) love to fight; simple as that. And they are going to do anything to get their fix of physicality. So, now there is a new sensation sweeping the youth of the nation and it is called helmet boxing. Basically, it’s boxing while wearing helmets and gloves and it occurs anywhere and everywhere you can find kids who are willing to beat the crap out of each other. It could be in the front yard, the back yard, the neighbor’s yard, the living room, the locker room, the bath room…we think you get the idea.

Apparently these kids think that adding helmets and a ref to the street fights make them safe, but a lot of times these brawls go until someone gets knocked the F out and business is picking up in emergency rooms because of it.

Now, we’re not saying that this doesn’t look like fun; in fact, we’re off to grab our old lacrosse gear out of the closet as we speak, but we can understand why parents would be pissed off about this. But hey, it’s beats the hell out of letting your kids handle their problems with each other like this:


[]: Dangerous helmet boxing growing in popularity


Foreman claims someone spiked his water before "Rumble in the Jungle"

Well, George Foreman has a new book out, so that can only mean one thing…outrageous, untimely accusations in hopes of whipping up a media buzz that will push his memoir up the bestseller charts. So what is the controversy Foreman speaks of in his book “God in My Corner,” you ask? No, it’s not that the idea for the Foreman Grill wasn’t his. And shame on you for even thinking such a thing. Actually, Foreman is claiming that he was drugged before his “Rumble in the Jungle” with Muhammad Ali.

Yes, that’s right; almost 33 years after the fact, Foreman is attempting to regain some respect after Ali worked him over for eight rounds before knocking Foreman out in the eighth. But according to Foreman, his trainer gave him some nasty tasting water that he believes was spiked.

I almost spit it out … [I told my trainer] ‘Man, I know this water has medicine in it,'” Foreman wrote. “I climbed into the ring with that medicinal taste still lingering in my mouth.”

“After the third round, I was as tired as if I had fought 15 rounds. What’s going on here? Did someone slip a drug in my water?

You know, George, this information would have been a lot more useful, say, back in 1974! C’mon, don’t try to blame losing your world heavyweight championship on getting drugged. And we seriously doubt that Zaire was the first time you had been under the influence of an illegal, mind altering substance. After all, you do have seven kids named George! And two of them are girls!

Just shut up and get ready for your upcoming moment in the spotlight as you pretend to be Paula Abdul on American Inventor. And if you don’t want to shell out the money for Foreman’s book then you can skip the trip to Barnes & Nobel and just read this interesting interview with Foreman at


[MSNBC]: Foreman says he was drugged before Ali KO


Today in fake boxing steroids news

Rocky Balboa has pleaded guilty in Australia to one count of importing a banned substance (HGH) without a prescription and one count of posession of testosterone, a banned substance in Australia. Stallone was busted in February for trying to sneak the PEDs in his luggage and also trying to get rid of more evidence before a customs search by throwing vials out of his hotel room balcony. Unfortunately, the vials just landed in a garden box and were easily recovered.

Even though he did not appear in court via satellite link, Stallone apologized for the incident and his lawyers claim that he was taking both substances for a “medical condition.” Yeah, the medical condition being that he needed to be ripped for the final (please?) Rocky movie. We must accept that he has a serious medical condition that requires these drugs because his lawyer tells us so:

This is not some back-alley body builder dealing covertly with some banned substance in some sort of secret way. This was a legitimate medical condition being treated by doctors of the top ranking order in the west coast of the United States.

We didn’t realize Dr. Nick had moved to the west coast.

[Steroid Nation]: Sly Stallone sorry for his new black eye


Top 10 Most Gruesome sports injuries: #4 Evander Holyfield

[Sportscolumn is running down the ten most gruesome sports injuries. Here’s #4]

Mike Tyson made was known for his brutal style and vicious power that made first round knockouts commonplace at one of his bouts. Iron Mike could handle his business with anyone who wanted to step inside the ropes with him, which is what made the infamous ear chomp of Evander Holyfield so bizarre. But hey, that’s what made Mike, Mike. He might knock your lights out or he might bite your ear off, nobody knew what to expect.

However, it’s safe to say that nobody expected Tyson to pull out his best Hannibal impersonation on June 28, 1997 when he took on Holyfield in front of a sold out crowd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. But once it happened, those who weren’t either totally shocked or disgusted, began to riot and the madness spilled out of the arena and into the Vegas streets. Holyfield wasn’t seriously injured but his ears will never look the same after losing a giant chunk of flesh to Tyson’s choppers.

Tyson was suspended from boxing for the biting incident, but that didn’t stop the Tyson roller coaster from operating. But narrowing down Tyson’s whacky behavior would require an entire Top 10 list of its very own.

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