Hey, Iceman; we’ve got the perfect rebound opponent for you!

UFC vs. boxing, boxing vs. UFC; can’t we all just get along. Oh, we already know the answer to that one, we’re in America so nobody gets along but does it really have to all go down like this. In an attempt to put an end to the debate of MMA vs. boxing, Tommy “H.I.V.” Morrison says that he is going prove that the sweet science of boxing is far superior to the MMA tactics of fighters in UFC, PRIDE, K-1, etc. The fight is going down on Saturday night at an Arizona casino and Morrison’s opponent will be 325-pound John Stover. And according to Tommy, he doesn’t stand a chance.

I’m just going to walk out and hit him on the chin,” Morrison said at a news conference Thursday night. “I’m concerned about killing someone. I’m not kidding.”

“We’re trained to hit a moving target. These guys run in with their chin hanging out.

Looks like somebody watched the Chuck Liddell/Quinton Jackson fight. But Morrison’s mouth didn’t quit there. When asked about wearing four-ounce gloves he took another “I’m gonna kill you” shot.

I’m a little nervous about that _ not for myself but for the other guy,” Morrison said. “To me, it just seems like someone signing up for assassination class. He must be out of his mind.

What the hell is wrong with this guy? That’s a whole lotta talk for a guy who got his ass beat down the last time he was involved in an all-out brawl.

We’re know absolutely nothing about this Stover guy but we’re still gonna bet that Morrison’s fate is somewhat reminiscent of Johnnie Morton.


[]: Tommy Morrison prepares for MMA debut

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