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Lord Stanley would be so proud

Better check your tongue for diaper rash When it comes to the partying and wild behavior, the Stanley Cup has seen more than its fair share. In fact, if you tested the Cup right now, the metal would probably consist of about 75 percent alcohol and 15 percent body fluids from hookers. The last 10 […]

What would you do with the Stanley Cup?

Lord Stanley’s Cup is without question the most awesome trophy in all of sports. (And if you think otherwise, we say good day, sir.) We love the stories of players bathing their kids and drinking beer out of it. Well, here’s your chance to have the Stanley Cup in your home delivered personally by Mark […]

Congratulations Carolina Hurricanes!

After a surprisingly tight end to the series, the Hurricanes have come out on top of the hockey world.  Their speed, toughness, and heart won the Hurricanes the first Stanley Cup in the New NHL.  (Of course, speed, toughness and heart always won in the old NHL as well.)   Edmonton almost pulled off the […]

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