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Lord Stanley would be so proud

Better check your tongue for diaper rash When it comes to the partying and wild behavior, the Stanley Cup has seen more than its fair share. In fact, if you tested the Cup right now, the metal would probably consist of about 75 percent alcohol and 15 percent body fluids from hookers. The last 10 […]

In his hallucination, the Red Wings win the Stanley Cup

We’re not sure how we’ve missed this until now but it seems everyone else has seen it. In case you haven’t here’s a 911 call from a cop who claims his wife stole marijuana from his police car and tricked him into eating pot brownies. Highlights of the call include: “I think we’re dead,” “time […]

Nov 10 in Sports History: Hockey’s Ironman

In 1962: If baseball has Cal Ripken and football has Brett Favre, then hockey has Glenn Hall as its resident Iron Man. The Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks goaltender holds the NHL record for playing 502 straight games in goal (not counting 50 in the playoffs). During the seven seasons where he didn’t miss […]

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