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Odds and Ends: Coach tells Michael Beasley to go pro, even if it means going to Miami

Reportedly, Kansas State forward Michael Beasley has yet to decide if he is going to turn pro next year or return to the Wildcats for a sophomore season. Now, we’re no rocket scientists, but if you ask us, it’s a done deal that the freshman phenom is headed for the next level. After all, the boosters at K-State can’t compete with the NBA’s moolah and it’s going to be nearly impossible for the Wildcats to hang with Kansas and Texas even if he does return. The solution for Beasley should be elementary: listen to your coach, kid!

If you get an opportunity to make $100 million, how am I going to tell him it’s smart to stay in school?” Martin told The Star on Tuesday. “If somebody offered me $100 million, I’m going. I would totally support his decision (to leave) if he’s going to make $100 million.

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