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Hard to decide which sucks more: the Celtics or the Post Office

It used to be a privilege to be on the postage stamp. Now you can basically put anything on a stamp no matter how lowly or mundane. Which of course explains why the Boston Celtics are selling custom Celtics stamps on their website. The stamps will feature Paul Pierce, Al Jefferson, Ryan Gomes, Delonte West […]

Does Kevin Durant already have a Nike shoe deal on the table?

Already sporting Nike If there’s any question whether Kevin Durant is going to go pro this season, a phone call from Kobe might have sealed the deal. According to Chip Brown of the Dallas Morning News, Kobe Bryant called Nike on behalf of Nike to pitch a shoe deal between $30M to $50M. (“Hey Kevin, […]

Odds and Ends: The Worldwide Runner Up in Online Sports!

The new king Duh duh duh… duh duh duh. It seems that FoxSports has overtook in the Nielsen NetRatings. The 800 lb gorilla has been stepped over. This story is getting a ton of play in the blogosphere because bloggers hate ESPN. While Fox Sports, The Sporting News, and especially AOL Sports embraced bloggers, […]

Greg Oden’s summer league coach conveniently decides to start sports agency

Mike Conley Sr. thinks that Greg Oden is going pro after this season. How else would you explain his decision to start a sports agency called Mac Management Group? Conley Sr. has known Oden since the sixth grade and coached him in summer basketball. In addition to Oden, Conley Sr. also coached Josh McRoberts of […]

For relaxing times, make it Hulk Hogan time

So, what do you do when you’re a washed up wrestler who is currently bringing home the bacon by starring in a dumb reality show? Well, if you’re the Hulkster you take off to the other side of the globe, attach your image to a crappy commercial and sing an off key lullaby in your […]

Gotta love the random Geddy Lee appearance

Geddy Lee is one of the most underrated front men of all time. And it’s a little curious that he’s in this ESPN fantasy baseball commercial but it’s pretty damn amusing. Yeah yeah, we’re a little late on this but watching tourney coverage has seared this commercial into our brains. Any guesses as to who […]

Odds and Ends: Are you looking at George’s crotch again?

Well folks, there’s no other way to explain it. Apparently men (or at least the men in this study) are fixated on crotches. Some might say that we “respect the cock“. A study by Jakob Nielsen to track how different people look at web pages came up with some unexpected results. According to the data, […]

MLB loses its erection

Ahhh the last time we’ll be able to make a baseball ED joke and post a picture of Raffy Palmeiro. Viagra is ending its five-year-old endorsement deal with Major League Baseball. The overwhelming reason is that changes in pharmacy guidelines meant that drug companies couldn’t advertise in prime-time anymore and that took away most of […]

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Dick Vitales calls Joakim Noah…

Now that the tournament is officially underway with Selection Sunday, get ready for the onslaught of marketing that accompanies it. In addition to the dumbest television commercials ever produced (remember Applebees popcorn shrimp), companies will be trying to capture your attention online too. First up is Dick Vitale and Digiorno Pizza with their “send a […]

Gilbert Arenas’ new commercial

Adidas is perpetually trying to catch up with Nike, not just in sales but in their ad campaigns.  While Nike has always set the bar with great commercials, Adidas usually gives us stuff that doesn’t make much sense and isn’t very good.  Impossible is nothing?  Uhhhh…whatever.   Anyway, Adidas is set to launch a whole […]

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