Fantasy Baseball

Odds and Ends: Geddy Lee kicks fantasy baseball ass

Nice kimono, Neil

Last week, we wondered why Geddy Lee made a random appearance in the ESPN Fantasy Baseball commercial. Well, this pretty much explains everything. Not only is Geddy a huge baseball fan, he has been doing fantasy baseball since the 80s, which was before they invented the telephone and myspace. And if you think your league is hard, he plays in a total points keeper league with 40-man rosters.

I like the league because the rules are complex, yet they replicate much of a player’s real-life skills. If you draft a middle infielder, you not only want him to be a great hitter, you want points for double plays turned. It’s like building a real team. If you have a good combination of a strong catcher, center fielder and middle infielders, you will have a good team.

On top of that, they draft minor leaguers too. Jesus, we care barely decide whether a good pitcher on a bad team is worth a high draft pick. The most underrated lead singer of all time is a fantasy baseball junkie. Who knew? Hey Geddy, wanna join a 45-man roster Fantasy Football league?

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Fantasy Baseball

Gotta love the random Geddy Lee appearance

Geddy Lee is one of the most underrated front men of all time. And it’s a little curious that he’s in this ESPN fantasy baseball commercial but it’s pretty damn amusing. Yeah yeah, we’re a little late on this but watching tourney coverage has seared this commercial into our brains. Any guesses as to who is doing the ghost singing for Kruk?

Gotta love Peter Gammons with the long hair. And is that Erin Andrews’ breasseses on the right? Oh and we’ll reserve commentary on John Kruk — we’re sure that the unimaginative bloggers hanging from Deadspin’s nuts fell all over themselves trying to be the first to make a “with leather” reference.

And as luck would have it, we just came across this comprehensive list of ESPN Sportscenter Commercials from Chicks Dig the Long Ball.