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Always be wary of a fantasy baseball companion who gives you a case of Schlitz

Now that the baseball season is underway, we know you are clamoring to jump out of the gate with a ferocity never seen before by your fellow managers in your fantasy baseball league. After all, we all know that your performance last year was a complete debacle. Luckily, the fellas at the Armchair Association put together 5 Ways To Undermine Your Fantasy Baseball League which should hopefully give you the extra assistance you need in order to avoid the league cellar once again. While all five of these nuggets are great advice, we must admit that No. 1 is perhaps the most important.

1. Always work a trade with a drunk person – I don’t know about you, but pretty regularly I get late night IMs from people that inevitably go like this: “Dude, what’s up?” “Nothing, about to go to bed” “Man, I am fucking WASTED!” “Oh really?” “YAIS!” “Hey, I was looking at your team, we should make a trade.” Using this strategy I was once able to pull off a Albert Pujols for Steve Kline & Runelvys Hernandez deal that shook my league to the core. Unfortunately, I was also taken by this against my better drunken judgement in the form of Ryan Howard and Hanley Ramirez for Carlos Zambrano and Vladimir Guerrero in the early parts of last season. It always works. Your first response to “I’m drunk.” (unless it’s a chick, in which case your response should obviously be “I have a case of High Life, I should swing by.”) should be, “We should make a trade.

And the strategy isn’t limited to MLB. If we’re not mistaken, this is exactly how the ball got rolling between the Mavs and the Nets when Jason Kidd got dealt.


[Armchair Association]: 5 Ways To Undermine Your Fantasy Baseball League

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Pull out your hankies, it’s fantasy baseball time at ESPN

We know that the NBA is “where amazing happens,” but we’re just now finding out that ESPN fantasy baseball is, well, it’s apparently where estrogen and hormones happens.

Not enough drama for ya? Well, go grab a box of Bon Bons, put on your Tweety Bird slippers and crawl under a nice, warm quilt because the fellas at ESPN put together a whole slew of commercials to keep you crying, laughing, hating, smiling, cringing and loving fantasy baseball.

Endless Drama – Episode 2
Endless Drama – Episode 3
Endless Drama – Episode 4
Endless Drama – Episode 5
Endless Drama – Episode 6
Endless Drama – Episode 7

Don’t worry if you still haven’t got your fix of fastballs to your feminine side; according to the website, there are at least two more episodes on their way.


[ESPN]: Endless Drama Home

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Odds and Ends: Geddy Lee kicks fantasy baseball ass

Nice kimono, Neil

Last week, we wondered why Geddy Lee made a random appearance in the ESPN Fantasy Baseball commercial. Well, this pretty much explains everything. Not only is Geddy a huge baseball fan, he has been doing fantasy baseball since the 80s, which was before they invented the telephone and myspace. And if you think your league is hard, he plays in a total points keeper league with 40-man rosters.

I like the league because the rules are complex, yet they replicate much of a player’s real-life skills. If you draft a middle infielder, you not only want him to be a great hitter, you want points for double plays turned. It’s like building a real team. If you have a good combination of a strong catcher, center fielder and middle infielders, you will have a good team.

On top of that, they draft minor leaguers too. Jesus, we care barely decide whether a good pitcher on a bad team is worth a high draft pick. The most underrated lead singer of all time is a fantasy baseball junkie. Who knew? Hey Geddy, wanna join a 45-man roster Fantasy Football league?

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