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Who is that grabbing Jessica Biel’s booty? No, it’s not Jason Kidd.

As a sports blog, we probably have no legitimate reason to bring this story to you. But as men, we couldn’t pass on the opportunity and it happened at a Packers game, so what the hell!

When the Bears and the Pack hooked it up a while back, Justin Timberlake, his girlie Jessica Biel and the Dawson’s Creek dude all showed up. We’ve seen all the pictures of JT shotgunning Miller Light and schmoozing, but we never did see the one of his old lady getting her rump squeezed by another chick! Until now, that is.

According to (super reliable, we know):

Sources say when Timberlake turned around to chat with the ladies, Jess’s friend dropped her fondling fingers from Biel’s tush.

Dang Justin! There’s no telling what could have happened next if you hadn’t turned around. That’s it, someone get these ladies tickets for the remaining Green Bay games and, for Pete’s sake, don’t let Timberlake through the gate. Be creative and do what you gotta do. Wait, you know what would keep him occupied for hours? A Dick In A Box.


[TMZ]: Jessica Biel Gets Badonka-groped!