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Dana White is ready to rock the MMA world, possibly by selling the UFC to FOX

The other day we told you about the possibility of Floyd Mayweather Jr. stepping into the cage and fighting for the UFC. We still don’t know if that is going to be Dana White’s big announcement this Thursday, but it is definitely an intriguing option. However, has word that something bigger is brewing. One idea that is being tossed around is that White will announce that Anderson Silva is jumping up in weight to fight Chuck Liddell this fall. Another possibility is that the UFC will join forces with Golden Boy Promotions. Then comes the doozie, Zuffa has sold the UFC to the king of trash TV FOX.

Ah yes, the big (and most logical) one which comes to us from a reliable source. We’ve heard the UFC on FOX rumors for quite some time and we’ve also heard the rumors that the promotion was on sale. We also know that the UFC was not willing to work with a network unless they had full production control. However, what if a network bought them for a hefty price? Then, all of a sudden, that issue is, well, an non-issue. The bottom line is that this is the kind of announcement you rent a secret location for.

Is the Zuffa/UFC era about to end? Have the Fertittas and White cashed out? Thursday can’t come soon enough.

That’s one way to get Tito Ortiz off his back.


[]: Has Zuffa Sold The UFC To FOX?

Green Bay Packers

Deanna, is there something you need to tell us?

We were watching Sunday’s game between Green Bay and St. Louis and we felt honored and privileged to watch the fourth quarter pass gently float from the rugged fingers of the NFL’s ironman and fall into Donald Driver’s hands seven yards away. At that moment, Favre became a football god, passing Dan Marino’s all-time passing record of 61,361 yards with the pass.

However, leave it to FOX to go off and ruin a perfectly memorable, feel-good moment. Heading into a commercial break following Favre’s career accomplishment, the knuckleheads in the control room started playing Pearl Jam’s “Better Man.” Sure, if you just listen to the lyrics – “Can’t find a better man” – then you’d probably think it’s a fitting tribute. But that’s why we do research people!

When the song was performed on VH1 Storytellers Eddie Vedder introduced it as a song about “abusive relationships.” It is often thought that Vedder had written it from a woman’s perspective about an abusive relationship. Before a performance of the song at Pearl Jam’s show in Atlanta, Georgia on April 3, 1994 Vedder clearly said “it’s dedicated to the bastard that married my Momma.

What, was Eminem’s “Kim” already being used for another highlight package?


[]: Favre passes Marino