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Hey Lance, nobody cares what you think

Hey, everyone gather round, Lance Armstrong, doping expert and medical doctor doesn’t believe that Floyd Landis took any banned substances when he won the Tour de France last year. I think conventional wisdom is that he will lose (his arbitration hearing), because USADA has never lost a case,” said Armstrong, the guest speaker Tuesday at […]

This Floyd Landis case is out of control

What was supposed to be a small (medium sized?) cheating case in the Tour de France has turned into a year long ordeal by Floyd Landis to find the real killers dopers. Well, that’s not all folks, it’s time to mix in a little blackmail and sex. According to reports, Greg LeMond (legendary cyclist for […]

Odds and Ends: Andy Roddick and Maria Sharapova dating

Otis! My Man! Well, US Weekly has made it official: Andy Roddick and Maria Sharapova are dating. This has been speculated since January so it’s not really news. However, we point you to this photo of them on some red carpet thing. Have you seen two celebrities with more awkward smiles? They look like Boon […]

Landis: It’s a conspiracy! C-O-N… spiracy

Ugly ass uniforms caused my high testosterone By now, you know that Floyd Landis’ second blood sample came up positive for synthetic testosterone and he’s been stripped of his Tour de France title and his career is over. Well, Landis is now grasping onto the railing of the Titanic of excuses. In addition to naturally […]

Say goodbye to Floyd Landis

Negative branding for Oakley 99.9% of the world couldn’t have picked Floyd Landis out of a lineup prior to this year’s Tour de France. And now we imagine he’s going to start growing a beard and sporting dark glasses like Rafael Palmeiro to avoid recognition in public. Despite his protests that the doping allegations were […]

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