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Does Michael Irvin have some unemployment in him?

Maybe that comment Michael Irvin made in December about Tony Romo having “some brothers in that line somwhere” finally caught up with him. According to the NY Post: One industry source believes the decision has already been made, and that some at the network view the outspoken Irvin as a ticking time bomb, ready to […]

Do black people all look alike to you, Craig Sager?

Via the big lead comes this great clip of Craig Sager interviewing Chris Webber’s father and then afterward realizing that it was his AAU coach and then having to interview the real Mayce Webber instead. Two things. 1) It’s a shame that it was Webber’s AAU coach and not just some random guy in the […]

You can take Lamar Thomas out of Thug U…

Get him a body bag! In addition to the 31 players who were suspended by Miami and FIU, one more piece of crap from the Miami Melee has hit the fan. Former Hurricane Lamar Thomas was broadcasting the game for Comcast Southeast and instead of pulling a Joe Buck, Thomas decided to go the exact […]

Fox fires Steve Lyons for no good reason

Tom Brenneman (unwittingly) makes fun of a blind guy wearing a device that helps him see the game, issues an apology the next day, and all is well. Steve Lyons says something about a wallet after saying something about espanol and gets fired. Nevermind that the two statements were completely unrelated. After Lou Pinella said […]

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