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You can take Lamar Thomas out of Thug U…

Get him a body bag!

In addition to the 31 players who were suspended by Miami and FIU, one more piece of crap from the Miami Melee has hit the fan. Former Hurricane Lamar Thomas was broadcasting the game for Comcast Southeast and instead of pulling a Joe Buck, Thomas decided to go the exact opposite route:

You come into our house, you should get your behind kicked. You don’t come into the Orange Bowl playing that stuff. You’re across the ocean over there. You’re across the city over there. You can’t come over to our place talking noise like that. You’ll get your butt kicked. I was about to go down the elevator and get into that thing.

Why don’t they just meet outside in the tunnel after the ball game and get it on some more? You don’t come into the Orange Bowl, baby — we’ve had a down couple of years — but you don’t come in here talking trash… You come in here talking smack, it’s time to get it on.

Well, Lamar Thomas is going to have to get it on somewhere else. Comcast canned him on Monday and will edit out his comments for any replays of the game. Thomas said that he got caught up in the emotion of it and that he was new to this “media thing”. We believe broadcasting 101 specifically says “don’t celebrate a brawl” but Thomas probably had someone take that exam for him.

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3 replies on “You can take Lamar Thomas out of Thug U…”

Please tell me that — you’re not going to let the fact that the man who fired Lamar is named Mark Furhman pass without comment?

dammit how could i miss it — “Fuhrman? That just sounds like a racist name. Furher? German? Fuhrman? You figure it out.”

the real question, how did he go from being a cop — in LA, to the a position of prominence at Comcast?

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