Arizona Cardinals

Denny Green makes no sense

Now that you’ve seen the video of his press conference, can we ask what exactly Denny Green is saying?

We played them in the preseason. Who the hell plays the third game in the preseason like it’s bull—-? Bull—-! We played them in the third game. Everybody played three quarters.

If anyone can explain this quote to us, please let us know. Who the hell gives a press conference like it’s bullshit! bullshit! This will go into the record books as one of the best post game pressers of all time. It gets funnier with every viewing.

Instead of talking about the Bears being who they thought they were and crowning them, can someone tell Denny Green that he should perhaps concentrate on the Arizona Cardinals who don’t deserve to be an NFL franchise. Can we ship em up north to Canada? Better yet, can we create a broomball league with the Cardinals, the Texans, the Royals, the Devil Rays, and the Raptors and watch hilarity ensue?

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