Detroit Tigers

Odds and Ends: Damn, baby, what did you do to your logo?!

There are so many horrible logos in the world of sports that we could probably establish an entire hall of shame for the goofy designs. But that would take more effort to create than actually went into the logos themselves and that just doesn’t seem right to us. Luckily, we can eliminate about 4,000 disasters right off the bat because the fellas over at came up with The Top 10 Worst Sports Logos.

10. New York Jets (2002-present)

9. Portland Trail Blazers (Too long)

8. Boston Red Sox (1950-1959)

7. Cleveland Browns (1950-1959)

6. New York Islanders (1995-1997)

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1976-1996)

4. Denver Nuggets (1982-1993)

3. Chicago Cubs (1916)

2. Anaheim Mighty Ducks (1996)

1. Detroit Tigers (1927-1928)

We’d also like to submit the new Tampa Bay logo for consideration.

In other news…

[The Victoria Times]: “Hey, we’re not fat! We’re just big boned!”

[Cousins of Ron Mexico]: Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a big mofo! Scratch that, it’s just Big Mo’.

[East Coast Bias]: Greatest tennis match ever? Hell yeah, it was!

[Mr. Irrelevant]: John McEnroe agrees with us, but we didn’t get to hug Roger Federer

[]: Dude, shut the hell up!

[Bleacher Report]: Sorry, but there’s no love for the 1985-88 Miami Hurricanes football team

[Lion in Oil]: It’s still not too late to win an opportunity to make Adam Morrison cry

[]: Melvin Guillard must not get paid by the hour

[]: First, a man gets pregnant and now this

[]: Shhhh, Shaq’s sleeping

And finally, Tiger Woods introduced the world to Cablinasians. Unfortunately, Blasians wound up with this spaz.

Charlotte Bobcats

Joakim Noah will officially be the ugliest guy in a NBA uniform this year

The NBA suffered a major blow when top overall selection Greg Oden went down for the year. Well, the injury bug struck again, but this time it went straight for one of the most pedestrian No. 3 picks in history. Yup, if you’re a fan goofy hair, bad moustaches and ridiculous Larry Bird comparisons then you might want to sit down for this.

Adam Morrison is probably going to be out for the year after an MRI showed that he has a torn ligament in his left knee suffered during a preseason game against the Lakers on Saturday.

Our medical staff has had a chance to review the MRI, and they’re saying right now they believe there is some sort of tear,” coach Sam Vincent said Sunday, about an hour before the Bobcats took on Phoenix in the second day of the annual Staples Center shootout.

“Until they get in there and do whatever they do, who knows? But they are saying there’s a good chance he will be out for the year. So I’m not counting on him playing,” Vincent added.

“I talked to him before the coaches and players meeting this morning when he had just gotten back from taking the MRI, and he pretty much knew the results,” Vincent said. “He’s obviously down.

And we all know about how emotional Adam gets about things. Don’t you remember his self-deprecating ad that ended with “More people should cry. And when I get to the NBA, more people will cry”?

Sorry to disappoint you big guy, but the only person crying after you hit the pros is Michael Jordan.

AKA: Charlotte’s Manager of Basketball Operations

AKA: The guy who wasted the Wizards first pick on Kwame Brown

AKA: The numbskull that made Morrison his pet project in Charlotte.


[]: Bobcats’ Morrison likely done for season

NBA General

Around the Rim: The NBA’s call was too sweet to resist

Kevin Durant has millions of
reasons to leave his coach
and school behind.

1. The NBA hooks Durant
Kevin Durant was only at Texas for one year, but that was all it took for the 6-9 forward to become the elite of the Big 12 Conference, as well as the NCAA. Now, Durant has made his intentions public as he threw his hat into the NBA draft pool with the worst case scenario being selected as a second pick. There is no way that Durant can improve on his current standing as the recipient of every major national award while he rewrote the Texas record books. The only question left is if the nation’s other freshman phenom, Greg Oden, will be joining Durant in the upcoming draft. If Oden decides to make the jump, he will probably be selected first by most teams based on his defensive potential, but don’t get fooled into thinking that only the sorry teams will have a shot a the young `ens. Plenty of franchises will be dying to put together deals for this year’s exceptional cornerstone pieces.

2. NJ has pieces, just not the passion

The Nets have got to be one of the most pathetic franchises in recent history. Despite having a starting lineup that is stacked with three of the most athletic players the league has and being in a position where they are close to losing their current playoff spot, the Nets can’t put away the injury plagued Wizards until 30 seconds remain in the game. But regardless of the aesthetic quality of the win, the Nets still came out of the contest with a much needed victory and can now breathe a sigh of relief as it looks like they have virtually secured a post season berth. But if NJ is having trouble putting away a demolished Washington crew, how are they possibly going to handle a healthy Detroit, Cleveland, Toronto or Miami club? Easy answer, they’re not.

3. Bonsai! Bonzi bails
Bonzi Wells left the Rockets high and dry on Monday night when he simply didn’t show up for the team’s road game against the Sonics. Wells reportedly didn’t want to be a further distraction to the team and basically bailed on his boys without even telling his coach what was up. “He’s not here tonight. I don’t know where he’s at. I haven’t talked to him,” Van Gundy said. “I want to make sure he’s safe first.” Don’t worry coach, the only danger Wells faced was a possible brain freeze as he lounges back with some ice cream and a remote control. Wells had been in the dog house all season because of his lack of fitness after he was expected to be the X-factor for the Rockets. But now, he’s just destined to be an ex-Rocket.

Tuesday’s Player of the Day: Elton Brand @ New Orleans 45 min, 37 pts (FG: 15-23, FT: 7-9), 10 reb, 3 ast, 2 stl, 1 blk

Wednesday’s Game to Watch: Denver (41-36) @ Utah (48-29) The Nuggets have gained some late season momentum and are now rolling on a six game win streak as they prepare to unleash Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson on their playoff opponent. Utah on the other hand needs to grab a victory if they don’t want to be the victim of circumstance by winning their division but losing home-court advantage in the first round to Houston. The Jazz are the only team besides the Lakers in the West who are currently riding a losing streak. With four inexcusable losses over the past week, Utah is definitely due for a dominating performance and their 19-8 home record can only help their cause.

Buzzer Beater: Adam Morrison had a bit of a meltdown during the Bobcats 111-103 victory over the Heat in overtime on Sunday. But it wasn’t an on-court dumb decision that made Morrison look like a fool. No it was an on-bench hand gesture that got the rookie in hot water. Apparently some dude kept calling Morrison “white trash,” and eventually the cry baby, adolescent mustache sporting Morrison shot the bird to the heckler in the stands. The Charlotte big wigs fined Morrison $25,000 for his actions, but you can’t really blame Morrison for getting frustrated. However, you’d expect that he could handle the ribbing because with facial hair like his, teasing should be second nature by this point.