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"Eat spit!" Seattle cook taints Steelers fan’s burger

We know that allegiances run deep in the world of sports and, frankly, nothing can be more annoying than a loud-mouthed, obnoxious fan. Well, actually, you could be dealing with a bitter fast food cook with a little too much animosity on his hands and phlegm in his mouth.

A fast-food cook and Seattle Seahawks fan has been accused of spitting on a hamburger ordered by a man wearing Pittsburgh Steelers attire.

Kittitas County sheriff’s deputies say the 37-year-old customer was with his daughters at the Port Orchard-area eatery on Saturday. He reportedly traded remarks with an employee about Super Bowl XL in which the Seahawks lost to the Steelers.

When the customer opened his food container, he says there was spittle on the burger. He demanded a refund and called the fast-foot outlet’s district manager.

The manager told deputies a 24-year-old man might be responsible. The next day, deputies went to his house and smelled marijuana. The man was released after being booked for investigation of fourth-degree assault and possession of marijuana.

Ain’t karma amazing!


[]: Seattle cook accused of spitting on Steeler fan’s burger

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Rick Tuten don’t know nothing about nothing

Rick Tuten played for 12 years in the NFL. Granted, he was a punter but he still made a pretty decent living for a dozen years. But apparently it wasn’t enough — Tuten was arrested for selling stolen goods. Police started investigating Tuten when they realized that he was named by a lot of burglars as the guy who they sold stuff to so they set up a sting.

During a taped telephone conversation, a police informant told Tuten she had two stolen flat screen televisions valued at $1,500.

According to an affidavit, Tuten replied, “I don’t know nothing about nothing.” He then instructed the woman to deliver the items to his home. Tuten paid the woman $600 for the televisions and then asked her to deliver more.

How is it possible that OJ Simpson gets to play golf every day on his NFL pension but Rick Tuten has to sell stolen goods to make ends meet? We don’t get the NFLPA.

[AOL Sports]: Ex-Punter Arrested for Selling Stolen Goods

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Odds and Ends: Well, at least one person was having fun at Qwest Field on Sunday

Don’t mess with Al Davis

What to do when your team is getting beaten by the left guard they declined to resign and his new team? Have sex in a bathroom stall of course.

A prosecutor from nearby Thurston County was arrested after two female Qwest stadium employees told security that the man was having sex in a womens bathroom stall with a woman. The man claimed that he was simply going to the bathroom and not having sex… with a paralegal he’s worked with for the last 8 years. Ummm… OK.

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Seattle Seahawks

The Madden Cover Curse stikes again: Shaun Alexander breaks foot

Death, Taxes, and
Madden cover jinx

When EA Sports announced that Shaun Alexander would be on the cover of Madden 2007, we knew it was only a matter of time before a major injury hit Alexander. Well, that time is now. The Seahawks announced that Alexander will be out indefinitely with a broken bone in his left foot. Mike Holmgren revealed that Alexander broke the bone sometime in the game against the New York Giants.

Time to update the Madden cover jinx hit list.

  • 2001 Eddie George: His jinx took a year to kick in but his rushing production went from 1509 yards to 939 the year after appearing on the cover.
  • 2002 Daunte Culpepper: Daunte went from fantasy stud (33 TDs and 3937 yards) to fantasy dud (14 TDs and 2612 yards) and finally succumbed to a knee injury.
  • 2003 Marshall Faulk: Total production went from 2147 to 1490 all purpose yards, a 44% decrease. The Rams went from Super Bowl runner up to 7-9.
  • 2004 Michael Vick: Broke his ankle in a preseason game. The quickest jinx in Madden history.
  • 2005 Ray Lewis: Ray Lewis avoids the cover jinx… because he was just standing there.. didn’t see a thing. Nope. Didn’t see a thing.
  • 2006 Donovan McNabb: DMac got into a highly publicized feud with Terrell Owens and then had his season cut short by a sports hernia.
  • 2007 Shaun Alexander: Breaks bone in left foot in the third game of the season.

[MSNBC]: Alexander out indefinitely with broken foot

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Chad Eaton beaten up by his wife

Would you punch this man?

We realize that domestic violence isn’t funny… but you gotta admit it’s kinda funny when it’s a woman beating up a man — like when Lionel Richie got smacked up once, twice, three times by a lady. In this case, former Seahawk Chad Eaton’s wife might face domestic violence charges for punching him in the nose. He called the police and away she went.

In his playing days, Chad Eaton was listed at 6’5″ 303 pounds. His wife stands about 5’4″ and 120. Apparently she punched him for cheating on her. Now, we don’t know much about Chad Eaton except for his time on the Seahawks but Seattlest doesn’t seem to like his work as a sports personality on KCPQ channel 13 in Seattle.

It’s pretty difficult to avoid the urge to punch former Seahawk and Q13 sports “personality” Chad Eaton in the face.

Go ahead–try to watch him on the Seahawks postgame show, with his fake tan, absurdly-bulging musculature, and shiny too-tight shirt, looking like he’s just stopping by on his way to Venom, and see if your fist doesn’t ball right up out of pure instinct.

We doubt Chad Eaton is going to press charges. The coverage has been embarassing enough. Still, perhaps Chad was being the good guy here and called the police to pick up his wife so that he wouldn’t go all Brett Myers on her.

[Seattle PI]: Former Seahawk’s wife faces charge of domestic violence

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Odds and Ends (06.08.06): Seahawks get their "we wuz robbed" rings

The Seattle Seahawks got their NFC Championship rings today in a ceremony in a tent. They were originally supposed to get their Super Bowl champions rings but were robbed by a couple of guys dressed in black and white. (Not quite old wounds, meet scab picking.) The ring itself has the Seahawks logo on a blue volcanic crystallized stone and is surrounded by 58 diamonds. Pretty nifty actually. Let’s hope no one steals it and sells it on ebay.

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Seahawks fan still fighting the good fight

It might just be a publicity stunt for his radio show but “The T Man” in Seattle bought a billboard to protest the officials robbing the Seahawks in the Super Bowl.  

Six grand for a bit of relief is worth it every time.  It’s my own therapy, to show how bogus this was.

The people in Pittsburgh must know they didn’t win this game. I hope they feel very hollow about this victory. Everyone else feels it’s time to move on, but I’m not movin’ on.

Hell, I wrote a petition to improve NFL officiating and even I’m losing steam at this point.  As I predicted, most people were outraged and then as time passed are just letting it go.  It’s too bad really ’cause the refs really stunk up the joint and they do need to fix the officiating in the NFL.

[Seattle PI]: Advertising his anger: One man’s $6,000 protest

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Your son was murdered last Super Bowl? Go Seahawks!

I’m not sure what the curriculum is in law school but I don’t think sensitivity training is part of it. It’s understandable that Seattle folks were pumped up on Friday for the Super Bowl but a judge in Tacoma took it a little too far when she requested that everyone in court say “Go Seahawks”. When few people responded, she made everyone do it again.

Now, civic pride is great but not when the case before the judge is a murder trial of a guy killed last year on Super Bowl Sunday. The best part of this story is the non-apology apology issued by the judge. She must really be an avid sports fan because it’s right out of the athlete’s handbook:

Judge Beverly G. Grant said she didn’t mean to offend anyone and “if the prosecutor and the others took it that way, as far as I’m concerned, it’s trite.”

[Seattle PI]: Judge upsets court with ‘Go Seahawks’ request

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Will the NFL fine Mike Holmgren?

Ripping the refs

At a Seahawks welcome home rally today at Qwest, Holmgren remarked on the officiating in Super Bowl XL.

We knew it was going to be tough going against the Pittsburgh Steelers — I didn’t know we were going to have to play the guys in the stripped shirts as well.

Now, the NFL has a problem here. It can’t come out and say the refs made numerous mistakes
during the Super Bowl, yet, to fine Holmgren would create an even bigger uproar. But if they don’t fine Holmgren, then they are implicitly saying that he has a point. This is worse than the Joey Porter situation where he claimed conspiracy.

[KOMO]: Welcome Home, Seahawks!

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What they’re saying in Seahawks land

Understandably, Seahawks fans are busy blogging (and drinking) while the Steelers fans are busy celebrating and drinking. Here are the early returns:

[ TeknoDave]: At least people now know that Seattle has a football team. It was not our best performance of the year, but we made it to the final showdown … the Super Bowl. *sigh*

[SeattePI]: Doughy in the blog: “Clearly the winner of this super bowl was decided before the teams hit the field. I’ve never seen the likes of this before in 40 years of being a football fan. I guess the marketing opportunities around “The Bus” are just to sexy. Too much money to be made if the He get’s his Super Bowl ring.

[NW Republican]: I don’t want to believe that the officating is crooked, but with all the incredible amounts of money that is bet on these games, and when all the key calls go one way… you can’t help but wonder. One thing I know for certain. All those advertisers paying $3 million a spot have lost me because of bad officiating. If nothing else, the abysmal quality of the officiating in the most-watched NFL game of the year is inexcusable.

[Seahawks fan in Bronco Land]: Well, the Steelers were the better team today. Yes, the refs made a few questionable calls, but the Hawks also just didn’t make the plays when they needed to.

[Korrektiv]: Seahawks 24, Steelers 14. The outcome of the Super Bowl in a parallel universe with good refs.