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Reporter takes the ultimate risk: wears Aikman jersey to the Linc

A take home to mom kinda gal Remember in April we told you about Dateline NBC recruiting muslims to attend NASCAR events? It seemed to us that baiting redneck NASCAR fans was very shady on Dateline’s part. Well, sending a reporter wearing a Cowboys jersey to Lincoln Financial Field on the day that the Cowboys […]

Burger King parodies Drew Rosenhaus

We haven’t seen this commercial on television yet but it’s genius. It’s probably extra special for Eagles fans as the Burger King looks like Howard Eskin, also known as the biggest ass clown sports radio host in the world. (Via The 700 Level)

Eagles unveil 2006 Calendar cover

For the past couple of months, the Eagles have conducted a vote on their website to choose the 2006-2007 calendar. The winner was Lora who beat out Janipher and Alyssa. According to the Eagles: In Lora’s cover shot, her wardrobe includes a bandana and eye-black. It was part of a new fitness-oriented theme the Eagles […]

Eagles NFC Championship ring stolen a month ago available on ebay

photo from ebay [Update: Of course, the seller has a myspace account. Also, the auction was shut down but not removed.] The house of Dave Spadaro, the Philadelphia Eagles’ media guy/in-house journalist/PR flunkie, was burglarized a month ago and part of the stolen loot was his NFC Championship ring from the 2004 season. (We’re not […]

Eagles Cheerleader tryouts open to the public

Tickets are on sale now to watch the cheerleaders tryouts for the Philadelphia Eagles. The team has pared down from 130 to 60 finalists who will compete for 38 spots on April 19th. Tickets are $13 each and we hope proceeds will be used to produce even more Eagles cheerleaders products like the lingerie calendar. […]

Dhani Jones gets arrested for dancing

Dhani Jones decided to take a girl dancing in the middle of a Miami street. Unfortunately, he was charged with a misdemeanor for obstructing traffic. When asked to leave, the female figured it out and left, but he kept dancing in the street by himself. Eagles fans think he should be arrested for being such […]

McNabb: Black on black crime on the rise

In case you haven’t seen or read Donovan McNabb’s interview with Michael Smith on ESPN, let me break it down for you. Donovan claims the deterioration of his relationship with TO started as early as week 12 of the 2004 season. TO never challenged McNabb during Owen’s altercation with Hugh Douglas in the locker room. […]

I see you working, Jaworski

Current value: $2.69 This story makes absolutely no sense until you realize it’s just Jaws trying to get some attention for his AFL team. “Jaworski last night said he is trying to reach out to former Eagles wide receiver Freddie Mitchell to gauge any potential interest Mitchell might have in joining the Soul.” That’s like […]

Wherefore art thou, TO?

Don’t worry folks, Terrel Owens has been found. He wants you to know that he’s been running routes, catching passes, and scoring… all in his head. Much like his persecution complex. In the longest 3 months in the history of TO, he’s matured. What a wonderful marriage of Boost Mobile commercial and personal PR. The […]

Eagles name Heckert as new GM

Mirroring what happened in Seattle last year, Andy Reid has “relinquished” his duties as the GM of the Philadelphia Eagles. Eagles fans are hoping for just as much of a turnaround next year as the Seahawks displayed this season. Fox Sports is reporting that the Eagles offered Heckert a new title and deal immediately after […]

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