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Carmelo Anthony is a drinking lightweight

When Carmelo Anthony was arrested a couple of weeks ago for DUI, he wasn’t just a little buzzed. No, Melo was tanked which isn’t surprising considering his team totally tanked the postseason. Turns out Anthony’s blood alcohol level was .148, according to CBS4 reporter Brian Maass. The legal limit in Colorado where the arrest occurred […]

Around the Rim: Welcomed back with a win

1. The race is on! The Dallas Mavericks’ playoff hopes took a serious hit on Thursday after Denver grabbed a 118-105 victory in the Mile High City. As of now, Dallas is still sitting in the seventh slot out West, but it’s just a hair away from falling completely out as the Nuggets, currently in […]

Around the Rim: Back to where it all began

1. A.I. got his sundae, but no cherry on top Allen Iverson was welcomed back to Philadelphia with open arms on Wednesday night. The Answer returned for the first time since being traded to Denver back in December of 2006 and it was almost like he never left. Iverson scored a game-high 32 points, dished […]

Semi-Pro makes everyone nostalgic for the ABA

With the release of Will Ferrell’s new comedy Semi-Pro, everyone seems to be getting into the old ABA spirit. The short shorts, the red, white and blue ball, and the afros: it was a tremendous period in the history of modern basketball. There was passion like never before and a flair for showmanship that can […]

Around the Rim: Heat check

1. J.R. Smith shoots the lights out While the Suns continue rolling right along despite Shaquille O’Neal delaying his debut, the Heat wound up with one of the most versatile players in the game and they still can’t get off the schnide. Of course, Denver was partly responsible for Miami’s 23rd loss in 24 games. […]

Around the Rim: Fight to the finish

1. No Answer for Iverson The race for the Northwest Division crown reached a fever pitch with the recent reemergence of the Utah Jazz. But right behind Utah in the standings sits the Nuggets and the Blazers who just happened to be in action against one another on Monday night. It took overtime and 53 […]

Around the Rim: Denver’s unlikely hero

1. Anthony hits the game winner, Carter not Carmelo The Rockets and Nuggets played late into the night on Thursday, but the double-overtime thriller ended when Anthony Carter hit the last of his three buckets to give Denver a 112-111 home victory. Carter only scored six points in the contest, but he dished out eight […]

Over five years later and we’re still not talkin’ bout the game

In our opinion, it was one of the single greatest moments in the history of sports. It’s a clip that gets played with regularity around here and it takes us back to a time that will never be recreated again. So, what are we talking about? You got it, we’re talkin’ bout practice. You might […]

Tiger Woods and Carmelo Anthony top charitable athletes

The Giving Back Fund released the 2006 Giving Back 30, which lists the top 30 most charitable individuals in sports and entertainment. Tiger Woods was the top athlete on the list, with $9.5M in donations but the next most charitable athlete had most people surprised — Carmelo Anthony sits at #8 with his donations to […]

San Antonio Radio show fakes Iverson interview… what could go wrong?

Radio Producer: Hey, you know what would be a great idea? Let’s do a fake radio interview with Allen Iverson so we can make him sound like a thug and make ourselves sound racist in one fell swoop! Radio Hosts: That sounds hilarious! Let’s make sure we mention Mexicans while we’re at it. And weed. […]

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