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Michael Vick brings The Longest Yard to life

Michael Vick has been in prison for a while now and although most people figure No. 7’s professional football career is as dead as a doornail, some team’s who are desperate for a quarterback are praying that Vick will still be serviceable when he gets out of the penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas. And for those people, Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank has got some good news.

He is staying in shape,” Blank told The News. “Apparently, there was a prison football team and he played quarterback for both sides.”

“He’s written me a couple of times,” Blank said. “I’ve written him back, he’s stayed in touch.”

“I just try to be supportive and as understanding as I can be,” Blank said. “He talks about the process he is going through and what he has learned, the lessons of life, how he’s going to come out a different person. He’s sorry he has affected so many people in a negative way — the league, our club, our fans. He feels awful about that. The letters sound quite sincere to me. From a mental standpoint, he sounds good.

From a mental standpoint, anytime you’re not personally electrocuting dogs, you’re probably going to sound a little better. But that’s just our hunch. It is a good idea to keep that arm loose though because we all know the Bears will still be struggling at QB when Vick is finally reinstated.


[]: Michael Vick playing prison football

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