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Emmitt Smith said what?!?

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Emmitt Smith doesn’t exactly have a silver tongue. The all-time leading rusher in NFL history might have been smooth on the field, but on the microphone he is about as clumsy as a sorority girl after a Friday night out boozing. He screws up grammar, stumbles over words, makes up whole new words and often times makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. But, hey, if nothing else, he’s still better than Boomer. Here’s a collection of some of Emmitt’s most perplexing statements over the past year.

The Packers don’t has a running game.”

“That offense does… do look good.”

“I’m concerned about a guy who fall down before get hits.”

“Wes Worker is a possession receiver that make things happen.”

(Attempting to quote Jimmy V) “Don’t quit. Don’t ever quit.”

“The leadership definitely have to come from the leaders.”

“And then he come back and throw another pass and he drop it.”

“Not only does he have the NFC East record for touchdowns, but also the team record.”

“Eli Manning has been given the rice of passage.”

“Why doesn’t… don’t the defensive players put their hands on Randy Moss? Don’t back back.”

“Don’t worry about the game you just won or the team that we just blew out… uhhh… blown… blown out… Let’s think about what we need to do going forward, and they had… blown out.”

“This will get you completely blowed out.”

“You cannot change the stripes of a leopard.”

“That can be a swing their way eventually. I just hate to be the team that they winned it against.

Ah, no wonder Sean Salisbury split.


[]: The Emmitt Smith Anthology

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