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Would you take a 50 mph tennis ball to the nuts for $50? This guy did

We always thought the show Sport Science was interesting, but we would get lost sometimes in the whole “science” part of the show. Force, mass, speed, propulsion, blah, blah, blah. Luckily for us, the nerds decided to dumb it down a bit with their episode dedicated to getting racked. Huh huh, we said rack. That was cool.

Will the fear, anticipation and pain send his heart redlining into dangerous territory?” Well, duh. We could have answered that long before his gonads got grilled. But sometimes you have to put your neck or even your package on the line in the name of science and anyways, it wasn’t such a bad afternoon for Jason. He went down in history, made 50 smackers, took 68 pounds of force to his balls and Mr. Brainiac told the world he has a tiny, freshly bruised unit. Yup, that’s a day well spent.

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