Getting arrested is no way to make the Bengals roster

Let say you’re a second year running back who was on the Bengals’ practice squad last year. Let’s say you were signed to the offseason roster and trying to make the active roster this year. Wouldn’t the absolute last thing you do is get arrested? Well, not Quincy Wilson.

Wilson was arrested around 3 a.m. Sunday morning and charged with disorderly conduct. He was with a large wedding celebration that spilled outside of a bar in downtown Huntington, West Virginia. Police came by and told the crowd to disperse because gunshots had been reported at another bar up the street. The crowd refused to do so and 14 people including Wilson were arrested.

Wilson is the 10th Bengal arrested in just over a year. Considering that the Bengals are very wary of their image (and possible fines) under the league’s new personal conduct policy, expect the news headline “Bengals RB Wilson released” any second now.

[Cincy Post]: Wilson latest Bengal arrested

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