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Brandon Morrow has a pretty pink backpack

We love how the caption for this photo on Yahoo was: “Seattle Mariners rookie pitcher Brandon Morrow wears a pink childrens backpack as he walks to the bullpen prior to an MLB baseball game between the Chicago White Sox and the Seattle Mariners Wednesday, May 2, 2007 at Safeco Field in Seattle.”

That’s it. No explanation as to why he would be wearing a pink backpack. Well, it turns out that Morrow isn’t some weirdo or (gasp!) one of them there flamin’ homosexuals. We here at SC are always in dogged pursuit of the truth and it turns out it’s just part of the his rookie hazing and is a Mariners tradition.

The backpack is used to carry sunflower seeds and bubble gum and has Cupcake written on the back and comes with a matching purse… wait… dammit, so that’s who beat us out for that backpack on ebay.

[The Olympian]: Pink becoming on M’s rookie

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6 replies on “Brandon Morrow has a pretty pink backpack”

wrong Mariner — That looks a lot more like Sean White, the backpack’s other guardian, than it does like Brandon Morrow.

hmmm — thanks for the clarification.

Someone tell Yahoo to stop incorrectly labeling stuff.

whether — it is shawn white or brandon morrow, what the hell is an MLB pitcher doing wearing a pink backpack?

I’m gonna go ahead — and say that just about everything beats forced sodomy.

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