Odds and Ends: If only Alycia Lane would grace us with some harmless banter

Alycia Lane’s publicist…er… the Philadelphia Inquirer had an interview today with Alycia Lane aka the chick who sent photos of herself in a bikini to Rich Eisen’s wife by mistake. In the interview, Lane tried to defend her photos as “harmless banter between to old friends, and not as an attempt to entire the Los Angeles-based Eisen or break up his marriage…”

Damn, we really gotta get to work on our harmless banter.  Don’t worry, Alycia, this won’t hurt your career one bit.  If anything, you can go national now. (hat tip: Sports By Brooks)

In other news…

[USA Today] The Mets fan who shined a high-powered flashlight at a couple of Braves gets 3 year ban from Shea and 15 days in jail.

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[Blazers Edge]: Brandon Roy is your NBA Rookie of the Year.

[Hardaway Hates Pittsburgh]: Joe Thomas’ Aunt.  Wow.  Just… wow.

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