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Ex-Met is a cat killer

Who could get mad at a
face like this?

Some dudes have serious jealousy issues, but this is taking it juuuuust a bit too far. Even Jonathon Babineaux thinks this guy stepped out of line.

Apparently Joe Petcka, who used to pitch for the Mets minor league team, became jealous because he wasn’t the only object of his girlfriend’s attention. Now, any man would probably become a little upset if their girl wanted to hang to with some dude named Norman, but they would most likely understand when they found out that Norman was a kitty cat. Well, Petcka isn’t quite as understanding.

Petcka decided that he would simply eliminate his rival and so, while his girlfriend was at work, Petcka snuck into her apartment and he pounded that pussy mercilessly. And as a calling card, Petcka left the lifeless kitty under his ex’s nightstand. Norman’s autopsy showed that he had received three busted ribs, broken teeth, a broken leg, lacerated tongue and a punctured liver.

The charge against Petcka is aggravated cruelty to an animal, which could bring about a two year prison sentence.

Because the press is involved, the judge set up ridiculous bail,” Mr. Petcka’s attorney, Charles Hochbaum, said as he left the courthouse. “I’ve walked people out who killed people on less bail than this.

Petcka might have learned the behavior from being on the set of “The Sopranos.” Apparently Petcka thinks he’s an actor, but his Hollywood career is going about as good as his baseball career went. In other words, it’s basically non-existent. Maybe he could get his career off the ground if he could get his rage under control. In additional to recently killing a cat, Petcka was arrested on domestic assault charges a few years back after grabbing his girlfriend by the throat, throwing her out of his apartment and then slamming the door on her finger.

Hopefully, they will throw the book at this douche and send him up the river for the full two years which will give Petcka plenty of time to work on the nuances of how to portray a prison bitch.


[]: Actor in custody after the death of his girlfriend’s cat

2 replies on “Ex-Met is a cat killer”

This guy needs to spend time in jail — Wow, it takes a real manly-man to do this to an animal 1/16 of his size (if that is even a correct ratio). This jerk-off needs to be put away for the maximum allowable time. I have 5 cats and I think if one bit me I could get it off of me without beating it to death. From what I have read this poor creature died a slow lingering death because of the massive trauma to his chest and liver. What is it going to take to make people see that there is a behavior pattern in these types of instances. If he abused his girlfriend he will obviously abuse anything she cares about and vice-versa, there is a link in abusive behavior patterns. I hope this guy never has children or has any for that matter. If he goes to jail for any amount of time I really hope he gets is comeuppance. Karma is a bitch and she will come back and bite your ass.

Cat Killer — This guy is a REAL man (not)  He is nothing but a coward and a bottom feeder.  I wonder what he would have done had a child bit him instead of an innocent cat?  I think two years in jail (not enough), in a cell with Bubba, will surely make him someone’s man.  Maybe then he will know what it is to be violated in such a manner.

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