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Michael Waltrip car wreck pics

There have been a lot of questions about the Michael Waltrip crash this week — why did he leave the scene of the accident? Why didn’t he call the police right away? Who was the witness who didn’t want to be identified? Was it a fine young thing he was with? Inquiry minds want to know!

What we do know is that he’s lucky to be alive judging from the photos of the car after the accident. It’s a miracle he walked away with only a few scratches.

More photos of Michael Waltrip’s wreck after the jump.

Photo source: WCNC

By Vin

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8 replies on “Michael Waltrip car wreck pics”

I question his driving skills, — but at least he was smart enough to put on the HANS device before he “fell asleep”.

michael waltrip wreck — I really feel bad for Michael, he has been working so hard to get this new team going and has been having so much trouble.  I have no doubt that he was at the shop working late and fell asleep while driving home.  As far as leaving the scene goes, the witness said he had a wound on his forehead that was bleeding – a little bit of a head injury plus shock and just waking up confused from the wreck is most likely all that was going on.  Michael needs the support of all his fans now more than ever before.

Michael Waltrip car crash — Write know he needs alot of support in this i think he needs D.W to help with his team.I just think he needs some one to help his team I think needs to ask some advise about what to do.

martin fan — mikey need to get off the dumb butt road and back to the track so he can get his teams to do better or hang it up for

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