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What would Harry Caray think?

For those of you who are fortunate enough (or possibly cursed) to watch the Cubbies play ball every year at Wrigley Field, buying beer just got a whole lot easier thanks to a new website that allows you to learn more about the lucky vendors who get to watch you get drunk and stuff your face with hot dogs. has the pics and bios of all the beer dispensing men and women who call Wrigley home for a few hours each week. Just imagine it, no more embarrassing moments spent screaming, “Hey! Beer dude, over here,” in vain. Now, you can simply yell for your favorite vendor by their nickname to get their undivided attention.

For example, the next time 37 year veteran Don Gerstein is working your section just holler out, “Yo, Slappy! Two Buds.” Now doesn’t that sound like a much more pleasurable game atmosphere?


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i wonder — if the beer vendors themselves know about this. It’d be funny if they didn’t, then you’d see a bunch of them looking incredibly confused if a fan yelled out for their favorite beverage by calling the beer vendors name or nickname.

hey beer man! — 2 luke warm ones!

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t ever remember seeing a beer guy at SBC/AT&T/Willie Mays Park.

why don’t beer vendors do this? — It seems obvious to me that if you hire a bunch of hotties that your beer sales will shoot up. You can keep the guys to do the heavy lifting in the stands, but why not hire hotties to work the booth?

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