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Randy Orton does his best Jay Williams impression

Professional athletes love to play with their big boy toys every chance they get, but, unfortunately, many times those toys wind up getting the best of their owners; especially when the toy is a motorcycle. Well, add former WWE champion Randy Orton to that list after he broke his collarbone falling off his mean machine.

Randy Orton was involved in a motorcycle accident near his home Sunday night that could have ended his life were he not wearing a helmet.

Orton, who has only been riding motorcycles for a month, said he was riding around a sharp curve on a steep hill home when an oncoming car veered into his lane causing him to widen his turn.

Orton then struck a curb and was thrown from his bike. He collided with the ground, knocking him unconscious. In his words, Orton “bounced and rolled just under 300 feet, landing in a ditch.”

“When I came to, I knew I had rebroken my collarbone,” said Orton. “When the police and fireman got there, they asked me ‘Where’s the guy who was in the wreck?’ and I said ‘It was me.'”

Orton, who was wearing just shorts and a sweatshirt, only sustained the rebroken collarbone.

Shorts and a sweatshirt might sound like odd apparel for a motorcycle ride, but it still beats some of the other outfits he’s been caught in.


[]: Randy Orton escapes accident with only a broken collarbone

Green Bay Packers

Odds and Ends: Another Brett Favre tribute song hits the airwaves

What do Brett Favre and Jon Bon Jovi have in common? Well, they’re both buddies with Ron Jaworski and their careers just won’t seem to die, but that’s not all. Thanks to the guys over at Ryan Parker Songs, we now know that they also have this crappy song in common. The words are included, so sing along. And don’t pretend you don’t know the rhythm; we saw you at the stadium when the Slipper When Wet Tour rolled through town.

More videos from the “ryanparkersongs’s channel” channel at

I’ve been missing playing ball since I called it to an end,
So I went out for some two hand touch with some neighbors and a friend,
As I passed the ball around, it felt so good, I think I found,
That number 4 could still play ball, so I gave the Packers one more call,
And said I’ve got good news, yeah, I’m coming back,
But they told me I was smoking crack,

They said never, but I’ll play forever,
Never say goodbye, never say goodbye,
I’ll find somewhere that I can play even if it’s not Green Bay,
Say goodbye, never say goodbye,
Now Aaron Rodgers is the guy, but number 4 will never say goodbye,

I’m inspired by what some guys have done like when Jordan played for Washington,
Oh I hope that time’s been good to me and I’m more like Foreman than Ali,
No, I’ve got no secrets unrevealed and I don’t need cash like Holyfield,
I just want to find somewhere to throw even if it’s for Bon Jovi’s Soul,
Cause I’ve still got skills, I’ve still got game,
I’m not ready for the hall of fame,

Never, cause I’ll play forever,
Never say goodbye, never say goodbye,
I’ll find somewhere that I can play even if it’s not Green Bay,
Say goodbye, never say goodbye,
Now Aaron Rodgers is the guy, but number 4 will never say goodbye,
I probably made John Madden cry cause number 4 will never say goodbye …

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This just in, Houston reporters are morons

This is why all WWE reporting should
be left to Todd Grisham

If you thought that pro wrestling fans were some of the most gullible people on the face of the planet, just get a load of how gullible pro wrestling reporters are. After Vince McMahon was “injured” during a freak “accident” in the final moments of Monday’s episode of RAW in Houston, the staff jumped all over the story with such zeal that they forgot wrestling isn’t real. Oops.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was injured in a freak accident in San Antonio Monday night.

Just moments after giving away $500,000 in “McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania,” McMahon was crushed by a large electric sign that fell from the AT&T Center.

The extent of his injuries was unclear, but he was rushed to the hospital.

WrestleMania officials planned to update fans on McMahon’s condition at a press conference in Houston Tuesday.

WWE stars were scheduled to be on hand at the Toyota Center before filming SmackDown and ECW at the arena. later reported that possible foul play was at hand with the stage collapse, naming Donald Trump, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bret Hart as prime suspects.


[Blog of Hilarity]: Houston reporters think wrestling is real

MLB General

Odds and Ends: Andre Dawson’s Creek

Strange, but true; Andre Dawson was a member of the Dawson’s Creek cast.

And you thought Bob Golic was the only professional athlete turned talented actor on the market.

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And finally, when you think Father’s Day, there should really be only one man who pops into your head. That’s right, Shawn Kemp. So, from Hugging Harold Reynolds comes this Happy Pappy Day poem about the Reign Man.


Forty ounces to freedom
he forgets what he’s become

never used the mirror for reflection
the perfect surface for the street confection

got the sniffles nothin’ to blame on the weather
can’t lay off the coke it’s become his new pleasure

had a fan base spread wide like pepper mace
seattle’s ace in the hole, now he holds a sad place

when the drugs wore off his mouth remained open wide
hit the drive thru, couldn’t pick one– ordered every side

took the flack, made a comeback, attacked the rack
couldn’t cut it, didn’t make it, pounded a six pack

so many hi-lites, big dunks to remember, the lobs above all
can someone explain how shawn kemp messed up basketball

the number 40 still hangs in my closet, a middle school relic
yeah he’s a bum give’em one more shot, make’em a celtic

fans wanna see one more two-handed jam
give it up to the coverboy of slam

an ode to shawn kemp, the original reign man

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Wannabe wrestlers, a ladder and a trampoline – this is gonna be good

In case you missed it, last night’s episode of WWE RAW was absolutely historic. No, we’re not talking about the debut of Vince McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania, we’re referring to the company’s signing of the hottest underground wrestling duo going: Tweedledum and Tweedledumber. – Watch more free videos

Finally, The Screamers have some competition.

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Floyd Mayweather in a cage? It could happen

A long, long time ago Floyd Mayweather was the greatest boxer alive. But that was before he got bored with the competition. So, Money went on to samba and polka his way into America’s heart on Dancing with the Stars before deciding to take his in-ring skills to a different kind of squared circle, accepting a whole mess of WWE’s cash in order to get in a match with the Big Show at Wrestlemania. Well, it appears Mayweather still can’t decide on a full-time career.

The following was sent along to by Angel Aramboles:

I just got off the phone with a source very close to the situation and I am told that Floyd Mayweather and his representatives have been in contact with UFC’s Dana White as late as Wednesday but “possibly as late as last night” according to the source.

UFC is expected to make several announcements on Thursday.

1) Anderson Silva will be fighting in the light heavyweight class
2) Chuck Liddell will fight in the main event on the September pay-per-view in Atlanta

However, the big announcement being rumored is that Floyd Mayweather will be signing or has signed with UFC. For those that did not read our last update, Mayweather announced his retirement from boxing. If this signing turns out to be the case this would be a huge coup for UFC as it would surely attract some of the boxing fans that have not given UFC a chance.

Since Big Show was no problem for Mayweather, we figure that his first opponent should be Rampage. That should be a money maker…or a back breaker.


[]: Could Floyd Mayweather Be Signing With The UFC?

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Forget voting; let’s settle this election WWE style

Just when it looks like the WWE can’t possibly get any more outrageous, they go off and do something like this…and totally redeem themselves!!

One day before they duke it out in the important Pennsylvania Democratic primary, presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are being invited to bring their fight to the ring.

World Wrestling Entertainment is inviting the two senators to compete in a match on Monday Night Raw on April 21.

“Forget about who’s better prepared when the phone rings at 3 a.m. and find out who’s better when the bell rings,” says an ad on WWE’s Web site.

There’s no immediate word on whether either side will accept the invitation.

Yea, that makes a lot of sense. The odds of Clinton and Obama going head-to-head in a WWE ring is about as likely as Ric Flair wanting to show off his sweet dancing moves on a retarded reality show. Oops, too late.


[]: WWE invites Clinton, Obama to wrestle

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Floyd Mayweather is the WWE’s new version of the Million Dollar Man

Last week, we told you about Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s decision to hop into the wrestling ring after breaking the Big Show’s nose in a gimmick. Well, the match is signed and officially official. At Wrestlemania XXIV on March 30, it will be the Big Show and Money Mayweather hooking up at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando. But Floyd doesn’t come cheap. Mayweather will earn a cool $20 million for his night’s work with the WWE. They don’t call him “Money” for nothing.

The one-fight deal, which is believed to be the largest single purse for a pro wrestling match, was finalized in January by Mayweather’s advisor, Leonard Ellerbee.

“I had approached the (WWE) about a year ago but it didn’t fit into our schedule,” said Ellerbee after a news conference at Staples Center. “We sat down with them again about a month ago and they made an incredible offer and me and my business partner Al Heyman sat down with them and we cut the deal. It’s an eight-figure deal worth $20 million just for this one fight.”

Mayweather is 39-0 in the ring, but the wrestling match will have a slightly more skewed tale of the tape than the 5-foot-8, 150-pound boxer is used to. Wight comes into match standing 7 feet tall and weighing 430 pounds.

“I weigh three times as much as he does. It’s not fair, but I’m a businessman and I see an opportunity for business,” said Wight, punctuating his statement by flinging the wooden podium to the floor. …

I’m not just any ordinary fighter,” said Mayweather, who earned about $20 million for his 2007 fight against De La Hoya, which was the richest boxing match ever, generating revenue of $120 million.

“I dance with the stars, I play in NBA celebrity games; you just never know what Floyd Mayweather will do next. Next year I could be playing for an NFL team or an NBA team. You just don’t know.

We don’t know what he’ll do next, but we know it’s going to put gobs of money in his account, whatever it is.


[]: Mayweather goes from WBC to WWE

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Floyd Mayweather faces his BIGGEST challenge to date, even if it’s fake

Floyd Mayweather doesn’t need any cheap gimmicks to keep his name in the headlines or to remind people that he is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, but that didn’t stop him displaying his twinkle-toes on Dancing With the Stars. On Sunday, he did it again by hopping in the ring with The Big Show at the WWE pay-per-view No Way Out. In case you haven’t heard, Mayweather teed off on the big fella and broke his nose, leaving one pissed off, bleeding giant wanting revenge. On Monday Night RAW, Show got what he wanted when he convinced Mayweather to take him on in a wrestling match. We don’t know how the WWE plans to spin this thing, but it should be interesting to watch. Hopefully, just hopefully, it ends with another flurry of fists; just like it started.

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If pro wrestlers think you’re a train wreck, you’re a train wreck

Everyone is talking about Britney Spears these days. And when we say “everyone,” we mean EVERYONE. Even if you live in a world of complete make-believe where CEO’s self combust, dead men walk the earth and people routinely fall for the ol’ rope-a-dope; Britney’s breakdown is still a subject of great concern.