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Inside the NBA and sound bites; a match made in heaven

There’s only one thing we love more than an NBA playoff game, well there is that high school pole vaulter…ok, so there’s two things we love more than an NBA playoff game: apparently pole vaulting and, of course, an NBA playoff game on TNT. See, ordinary playoff coverage on ABC and ESPN brings you the facts and nothing but the facts. How boring. But the fellas at Inside the NBA show their audience that the game goes beyond the 48 minutes spent sweating on the court. So if you missed any of the great late night action with EJ, the Jet and Chuckles then here’s a quick recap.

It is going to be one sad day indeed when Charles Barkley decides to hang up his microphone. Mainly because it means that he’ll probably be running for governor of Alabama, but also because we won’t get to hear classic phrases like “Go to that box! Go to that box! And punish them midgets!” But we figure that with a mouth that big there is now way to avoid blunders of gubernatorial proportions should he get elected. Hey, if two steroid pumping meatheads from Predator can get into office then we’re saddened to say that Sir Cumference probably can too.

Golden State Warriors

Photoshop Geeks have their fun with Charles Barkley

By now, you’ve heard about Charles Barkley saying he hates the Bay Area. We’re pretty sure it’s just the Chuckster being the Chuckster but that didn’t prevent some hurt feelings and some retribution from Warriors fans. Even Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson, and Matt Barnes fought back by making fun of Charles’ Fave 5 commercial. According to Stephen Jackson, Barkley’s real Fave 5 is “McDonalds, Dominos, Burger King. It was Subway, but he pushed them out for Cinnabon. And Krispy Kreme.”

San Francisco Chronicle writer CW Nevius invited his readers to submit some photoshopped pics of Barkley in the Bay Area. There are some clever ones and we’ve posted a few of our favorites below. Still, with all the design geeks in the Bay Area, we think they can do better than the current offerings.

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Odds and Ends: The Chuckster goes cyber

TNT has decided to launch a MySpace page in order to further promote their domination of the upcoming playoff coverage. The page has a blog, playoff schedule, TNT crew bios and other interactive multimedia experiences just waiting to be enjoyed by the NBA faithful. And you thought that MySpace was just for ditzy girls and perverted old men.

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And finally, in our “Well, duh!” story of the day; Victoria’s Secret released their list of the sexiest entertainers
and the smokin’ hot Jessica Alba was named the sexiest actress. Alba’s an excellent choice regardless of the competition, but Victoria’s Secret definitely made the right choice considering Danica Patrick also made the list. Danica Patrick?!? Having Patrick and Alba on the same list for sexiest entertainer is like having Tiger Woods and Charles Barkley on the same list for best golfers.

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Barkley vs Bavetta race video

Here it is folks, the 3 1/2 court length race between the “Black Rhino” and 67 year old official Dick Bavetta.

In a shocking upset, “Sir Cumference” beats Dick “the fixer” Bavetta”. The best part is when Charles says, “and we’re gonna give 2 blackjack hands to charity.”


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Stakes go up to $50,000 in Bavetta vs Barkley race

Update: Barkley vs Bavetta will take place at 8PM ET on Saturday on TNT. Bodog has Bavetta as the favorite at -340 and Barkley at +220. This is going to be good.

It’s not listed on the 2007 NBA All-Star Weekend schedule yet but the must see event will be the footrace between Dick Bavetta and Charles Barkley. Originally a $10,000 bet with proceeds going to charity, TNT has upped the stakes and $50,000 will go to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Las Vegas.

The race will be 2 1/2 times the length of the court (235 feet). The smart money is on Dick Bavetta by about 20 feet. The degenerate gamblers that we are, we actually looked for a place to bet on this.

Remember the last time the Chuckster opened his big mouth and said he could hold his breath longer than David Blaine?

[]: Bet on Bavetta

Chicago Cubs

Odds and Ends: Kerry Wood’s evil hot tub

Kerry Wood makes an early bid for the upcoming “Dumbest Non-Playing Injury” list we’ve been meaning to do on Sportscolumn blog. Wood is out for a few days after slipping and landing on his stomach and chest getting out of a hot tub. It’s gonna be that type of season, Cubbies fans.

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