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T.G.I.P. – Thank goodness it’s painful

It’s Friday and that means the week is winding down and the weekend is just getting fired up. So, here’s a little something to get your spirits up while you wait for those final hours of the work week to tick-tock off the clock.

And just like that, four minutes closer to freedom.

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Always look on the bright side of life

Think you’re having a bad day? Sorry, chum; that’s not a bad day. THIS is a bad day:

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Five minutes of must see `D’oh!’ moments

We have to apologize in advance for the horrible music accompanying this video, but you gotta take the good with the bad sometimes. This is one of the funnier collections of clips we’ve seen in a while so, hit the mute button if you have to, but make sure you stick around until the 2:20 mark to see the best moment of disappointment ever captured by camera.

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Almost catching a ball in the stands, that’s good luck right?

Please don’t tell us that you’re one of those superstitious, ritualistic, knock on wood kinda people. Well, the odds are actually pretty good that you’re a believer in sports jinxes. In fact, according to an Associated Press-Ipsos poll, one in every five fans tries to get lady luck on their team’s side.

You know what we mean: the lucky hat, the gameday jersey, the spinning in circles after a homerun, the freakin’ idiotic body paint, you get the idea.

The survey showed no real difference by gender, race or education in whether people try finding a way to help their team win. But those who do tend to be younger and make more money than those willing to risk letting the athletes determine a game’s outcome. They also are more likely to be single.

There was no significant difference among the fans of various sports in how superstitious they were, the poll showed.

Twenty-four percent of college basketball fans admitted to trying something lucky to help their team and 20 percent of professional basketball followers said the same thing. Fans of professional baseball, and of college and professional football, fell in between.

Professional football fell somewhere in between? We know that pro players don’t count as fans, but you go tell John Henderson that his pregame ritual is insignificant.


[]: One in five fans believes in jinxes, survey says

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It’s time for a wicked shot to the funny bone

The Best Damn Sports Show Period isn’t worth a damn in our opinion. If you think the blowhards over at ESPN are obnoxious and annoying, just try to stomach 15 minutes with Chris Rose and his band of merry men. But we do have to give those losers credit when it is due; they have become the kings of the “Top 50” list. Usually, programs just butcher these kinds of things and leave you more pissed off than appreciative, but not at The Best Damn.

So, without further ado, we give to you the Top 50 Sports Bloopers. Don’t worry, we excluded all the footage of John Salley from the tape.

And considering that there is no No. 1 to cap off the list we thought that we might nominate one of these clips from this numbskull fisherman.


Odds and Ends: OK, enough with John Daly already

John Daly continues to dominate the ‘news that isn’t good enough to write a full entry about.’ Today, John and Sherrie Daly have decided to call a truce in their ongoing spat about who assaulted whom. They have both decided to not press any criminal charges against the other, which just means they wasted a bunch of taxpayer money filing charges with the police and the courts. And we’ve wasted your time covering it.

So no more John Daly stories, folks, unless he actually wins a game or goes O.J. Speaking of which, it’s OJ’s anniversary!

In other news…

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Do you think about sports more than sex?

Two birds. One stone.

You know the urban myth than men think about sex every seven seconds? Well it’s not true. According to the Kinsey Institute, “54% of men think about sex every day or several times a day, 43% a few times per month or a few times per week, and 4% less than once a month.” Those figures seem ridiculous to us since we spend all day wondering which super hot female athlete will be posing in playboy or FHM next but those are the stats so who are we to argue. Anyway, if true, then sex has nothing on soccer.

According to a poll by a financial services company, English Premiereship fans think about soccer every 12 during a normal waking day. (God knows how often they dream about it at night.) Sheffield United fans are the most rabid as they think about The Blades every 9 minutes. Every 9 minutes? How do you get any work done during the day?

We love sports around here (we are sports bloggers after all) but thinking about anything every 9 minutes seems to be obsessive… although lately we have been wondering too often how the hell a pole vaulter could be so hot.

[The Offside]: Forget Sex. Fans Daydream about Football
[Bloomberg]: English Soccer Fans Ponder Sport Every 12 Minutes, Survey Says
[Snopes]: Daydream Deceiver

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Beat it Skycam, you’re old news

The latest million dollar dinosaur

As if men don’t sit on the couch and stare at the idiot box for enough hours in a week already, 360 Replays has created some new technology that could permanently change the way the male population across the planet wastes their free time.

The good folks at 360 Replays have just announced the completion of 3D sports replay system that consists of 40 different cameras and can be used to capture and instantly replay video from almost any angle. The system is know as VantEDGE technology that works in the same fashion that your favorite NFL video game will allow you to rotate the camera around the ball carrier while zooming in and out at the same time. The only thing missing from your sports watching experience now is the recliner with a built in fridge.

If that’s not cool enough for you then maybe its practical applications will win you over. How does the sound of eliminating every stupid referee’s decision during an NFL challenge hit you? Or no longer having to scream at the television because the refs couldn’t see that the ball was clearly out of his hands before the buzzer sounded. Well, those days are over because officials will now have the technology to view any play from any angle and eliminate any forced personal judgments.

We see this as a major milestone in bringing together the current need for more accurate video playbacks in many sports, as well as a new way for spectators to view the sport,” said Dean Esler, chief technology officer at 360 Replays. “By combining the ability to record enormous amounts of video with 3D data processing, we are able to provide views from almost any angle which is both entertaining to the viewer, and important to game officials.

On behalf of sports fans across the globe; thank you 360 Replays. Thank you.


[]: 360 Replays releases improved 3D sports-replay prototype