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Maybe `For Sale’ signs are tokens of affection in Tallahassee

Most of you probably didn’t even realize that Miami played Florida State this weekend. We can’t blame you; who wants to watch a rivalry match between a pair irrelevant, mediocre teams when the SEC is handing out early Halloween goodies like South Carolina/Vandy, Florida/Kentucky and LSU/Auburn. Well, even if a majority of the nation was unaware of the match-up, that’s doesn’t mean the Seminoles’ 37-29 loss went unnoticed.

After a tough night at the office and a near sleepless night at home, Florida State coach Bobby Bowden couldn’t help but notice the large “For Sale” sign on his lawn as he backed out of the driveway Sunday.

The big, bright red sign was mighty hard to miss sitting on the Bowden’s carefully manicured lush green lawn at one of the most prominent addresses in the capital city.

“It ain’t there now,” chuckled Bowden, who removed the sign. “I ain’t selling. I’ll save it for when I get ready to move.”

A prankster had placed the sign on the Bowden yard in the overnight darkness after archrival Miami defeated the Seminoles 37-29 with 13 points in the final 1:15.

Bowden said it reminded him of his days in West Virginia in the 1970s when he was once hung in effigy as well after a loss.

Don’t you people remember all the good times good ol’ Bobby made possible? Sure, he’s hit a bit of a rough patch recently, but throwing down a “For Sale” sign into his yard in the middle of the night is pretty cold. It’s not hanging him in effigy cold, but it’s still pretty frigid. It’s definitely on par with the cheap shot Glenn Dorsey got blindsided by.


[]: Prankster puts `For Sale’ sign on Bowden’s lawn

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Here’s to you Mr. Stadium Scoreboard Marriage Proposal Guy

Call us losers if you want to, but we have absolutely no idea who these guys are or why we should give two flips about em. However, we do like the way the nerd with the glasses and the lisp thinks.

Could it be fake? Possibly. Probably.

Do we care? Not in the least.


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High School Sports

Darby High, you just got punk’d!!

Some people would have you believe that kids today are just a bunch of slackers and deadbeats. And, frankly, we can’t really argue that point considering all the floppy haired kids that we see smokin’ pot just off campus of the local high school during lunch. But there are a lot of talented, dedicated, hardworking and ingenious kids out there as well; kids like Kyle Garchar.

Garchar is a senior at Hilliard Davidson High School in Ohio and he spent about 20 hours concocting the perfect prank for the school’s big football game against the cross-town rival. What he came up with was a series of cardboard placards that the opposing team’s fans would hold up to collectively spell out “We Suck” instead of “Go Darby.” The plan worked like a charm and the whole thing got posted up on YouTube.

Unfortunately, the killjoy principal of Davidson HS didn’t think the prank was very sportsmanlike and decided to give Garchar and his buddies that helped out a little dose of in-school suspension and banned them from extracurricular activities for a semester.

This is one of the more tedious pranks we’ve seen in a while. The only thing we’re bummed about is that we didn’t get to see the reactions of the fans when they realized what message they were conveying. We’re guessing that their reactions we’re probably just about as sour as this dude’s.


[]: Ohio High School Student Suspended for Prank

New York Giants

We know about hairy palms, but what causes purple palms?

New York Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey just got punk’d. But don’t expect him to be appearing with that douche Ashton Kutcher on MTV anytime soon because this prank wasn’t some elaborate scheme concocted the notorious MILFaholic. Nope, this was an inside job and Shockey is determined to get to the bottom of it.

The crap hit the fan after Tuesday’s practice when Shockey went to sign some autographs and when he pulled off his gloves his left hand was stained purple with dye that banks use to mark money. The embarrassment of the stain should last for days, but that’s nothing compared to the eternal embarrassment Shockey lives with daily. Nevertheless, he was pissed.

Dead man walking,” he warned

Apparently, guard Rich Seubert is the resident prankster and while all the fingers are pointing directly at him, he swears up and down that he had nothing to do with the glove conspiracy.

Everyone thinks it’s me,” said Seubert, who offered “a cash reward” to anyone who revealed the mastermind behind the purple hand. “I think it was the ballboys. They’re all getting dumped in the cold tub.


[]: Prankster has Jeremy in rage

NBA General

Skinny Charles Barkley gets Punk’d

Now, we probably don’t need to tell you this, but this clip of Charles Barkley getting pranked on the golf course is really, really old. Maybe we could tell because of the ugly fashions of the day or maybe it had to do with the guest appearance by Hersey Hawkins. Nope, the real reason you know this is happened in a time long, long ago is because Sir-cumference actually looks like one half of his current self. While his girth might have increased over time, the one thing that remains the same is that if you put Barkley in front of a camera, you will get a chuckle out of Chuckles.

And don’t worry, if Barkley ever gets his revenge on Hersey, we’ll bring you the tape.

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These kids should invest in some steel toed soccer cleats

We’ve seen some pretty ingenious practical jokes in our days, but weighing down a soccer ball so that it’s as hard as a rock is about as good as it gets. The simplicity of it all is what really makes this a classic prank.

The leapfrog gag is a tad outdated, but we still appreciate the effort. Now the the creepy/hilarious voiceover, that’s just strange.


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