Philadelphia Eagles

Hey, Calvin! Head over to Paddy’s Pub and tell `em we sent ya

As you’ve probably already figured out, we like to keep up with the latest fashions and trends. So, we thrilled to hear from Philadelphia Will Do that the latest fad is making fun of your favorite team. Luckily for Philadelphia Eagles fans, that shouldn’t be too hard to do. Let’s see:

Horrible record? Check!

Division cellar dwellers? Check!

Coaching controversy? Check!

Humiliating loss to division rivals? Check!

Diminished expectations? Check!

All righty then; send us over a box of those generic Calvin shirts pronto! These sound like quality, cheap Christmas gifts if you ask us. But don’t worry if you’re one of our close and dear friends; the X-Mas surprise isn’t ruined yet. You still don’t know if you’re getting an Eagles shirt, a Vick `em shirt, a West Virgina tee, a Rockies Suck shirt, or the always popular six pack of Oklahoma Sucks Beer.

See, Christmas is still on and popping this year!


[Philadelphia Will Do]: `Dallas Sucks, T.O. Swallows’ Shirt Factory Changes Course

Philadelphia Phillies

Nobody enjoys losing more than Philadelphia

The Phillies have been losing for a really long
time now

There’s not a whole lot to cheer about these days in Philly. QB controversy is already coming down on Eagles camp, Allen Iverson split town and the Sixers have no real future to speak of at the moment, and then you have the Phillies. Actually, they are having a fairly decent year so far but that doesn’t mean that haven’t stunk something fierce in the past. In fact, as of this moment the Phillies are just 21 losses away from reaching the 10,000 loss plateau. And Charley DeBow thinks that is something to celebrate.

DeBow started up because, as he says, “Real phans love their losers.”

This year, the Philadelphia Phillies are poised to accomplish what no other team in professional sports history has before: 10,000 losses.

Not only is Philadelphia home to the franchise that has lost the most games in any sport, it’s also the city (with four major sports teams) that’s gone the longest without a championship.

This website is not about celebrating the Phillies 10,000th loss. It’s about celebrating the Phans. We’re the ones who suffer the most. Let’s celebrate each other because without each other we would be watching the games alone, high fiving the wall. Let’s make sure we keep our presence known.

Now, we understand that this site wasn’t intended to poke fun at the town’s loveable losers but, c’mon, there’s a huge ticker that is racking up the losses for cryin’ out loud. If enduring through 10,000 defeats is what it takes to be a good fan then we’d rather jump on the Mets bandwagon. DeBow is also planning a “celebration march” after the team finally loses that historical contest. Wow, and we thought that Raiders fans had lost their minds.


[]: You have to love a team a lot to devote a Web site to its 10,000 losses
[]: Celebrate 10,000 Home Page