Philadelphia Eagles

Hey, Calvin! Head over to Paddy’s Pub and tell `em we sent ya

As you’ve probably already figured out, we like to keep up with the latest fashions and trends. So, we thrilled to hear from Philadelphia Will Do that the latest fad is making fun of your favorite team. Luckily for Philadelphia Eagles fans, that shouldn’t be too hard to do. Let’s see:

Horrible record? Check!

Division cellar dwellers? Check!

Coaching controversy? Check!

Humiliating loss to division rivals? Check!

Diminished expectations? Check!

All righty then; send us over a box of those generic Calvin shirts pronto! These sound like quality, cheap Christmas gifts if you ask us. But don’t worry if you’re one of our close and dear friends; the X-Mas surprise isn’t ruined yet. You still don’t know if you’re getting an Eagles shirt, a Vick `em shirt, a West Virgina tee, a Rockies Suck shirt, or the always popular six pack of Oklahoma Sucks Beer.

See, Christmas is still on and popping this year!


[Philadelphia Will Do]: `Dallas Sucks, T.O. Swallows’ Shirt Factory Changes Course