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Odds and Ends: hops into the trading card game

Trade you a Jack Glasscock for your

After’s embarrassing/hilarious mix-up involving sprinter Tyson Homosexual Gay, it was announced that the Christian news website will begin creating sports trading cards. Basically, they’re going to be similar to Garbage Pail Kids, but without the Scratch `n Stink cards. Luckily, was able to get their hands on some of the high-demand cards before they hit the streets. If you thought Potty Scotty and Jason Basin or Adam Bomb and Blasted Billy were hilarious then you’ll love these duos.

Chubby Cox – Girthy Members

Dick Trickle – Phallic Secretion

Albert Pujols – Albert Sodomy Zone

Rusty Kuntz – Unkempt Vaginas

We are absolutely dying to see what they come up with for Lucious Pusey and Craphonso Thorpe.

In other news…

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And finally, it’s the one-year anniversary of this.


Jim Rome has found his next Chris Everett

Jim Rome can suck my dick! And he should be very afraid, because I’m the kind of guy, if I get too many drinks in me, I will club his ass. I’ve been on with Jim Rome, and I said, “Let me get this straight, you’re more impressed with water polo???”

Where is the avenue that the real soccer people can [gravitate towards]? Where is it? You and others are sick and ***** tired of being told we are a sleeping giant. We can kick everybody’s ass, if we figure it out.

It’s guys like you and your buddies who are the real American soccer. I play in an over-30 league and say my name is Derek. Why? Because I enjoy playing.

Alright, let’s go take a piss and get another beer.

Who knew that there was such a strong rivalry between Jim Rome and… who is this guy? Just kidding, Eric, we know you were Julie Foudy’s sidekick during the World Cup. We actually would love to see soccer succeed in the United States — simply because we don’t want the embarrassment of last summer in Germany repeated again.

You can read the full interview here, where Wynalda talks about the state of U.S. Soccer before taking his random (boozy) potshot at Jim Rome. We can’t wait till Wynalda is a guest on the Jim Rome show again. What are the odds he calls him Erica?


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