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Tony Romo learns from Nick Lachey’s mistake

Dallas Cowboys fans can exhale. While the curse of Jessica Simpson is still alive and well in Big D, Tony Romo made it perfectly clear there are no wedding bells currently ringing in his head.

I mean, it’s just rumors. That’s what people say,” the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, 27, told PEOPLE at Monday’s Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Male of the Year Awards – where he was honored alongside Simpson’s ex John Mayer and rumored former boyfriend Dane Cook. (“I guess you date Jessica Simpson, that makes you fearless!” Romo joked.)

But will there be marriage in Romo’s future?

“I’m sure I’ll get married one day. I don’t know when,” he says.

Did you notice that? Tony said, “I’m sure I’ll get married one day;” not we’ll get married one day. It’s a very subtle difference, but Romo’s a professional play caller; he’s a master at sliding in the hidden yet intentional nuances. From our point of view, that means things are defiantly looking up Dallas.


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Dallas Cowboys

Bitter Cowboys fans might be able to blame Joe, not Jessica, Simpson for pre-playoff distractions

Now that the Cowboys are eliminated from the postseason, we probably don’t need to concern ourselves with the Tony Romo/Jessica Simpson romance anymore, but that damn trip to Cabo just won’t seem to go away. The talk leading into the Cowboys game versus the Giants revolved around a series of photographs showing Romo, Jessica and Poppa Joe Simpson relaxing in the sun, but according to, it didn’t have to be that way.

Joe is well-known for his deals with the paparazzi, where the family gets a cut from the sales of the photographs,” says an insider.

“Nobody would have known that Tony was down in Mexico with Jessica if there hadn’t been those pictures everywhere. So a lot of people suspect he tipped off the photographers, causing Tony this huge headache.

While it’s difficult to say that a bye-week vacation took a toll on Romo’s preparation, it is certainly possible that the media firestorm surrounding the QB back in Dallas could have been a distraction. So, if the report is true, Cowboys fans owe Jessica and apology and her old man a beatdown. After all, what happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors unless your girlfriend’s money-hungry father gives the paparazzi a key.

When you date Jessica, you date Joe, too,” says the source.

Simpson’s rep said Monday: “Joe would never sell out his daughter to the media and would never do anything to hurt his own family or for that matter, Tony. This is categorically false.


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Dallas Cowboys

Like Nick Lachey, Terrell Owens tells Jessica Simpson to get lost

If you thought Tony Romo was disappointed in his poor performance in front of his honey, then just wait until you hear how disappointed his teammates were. As if the Cowboys hadn’t already begun to eat their own when camera crews started broadcasting reactions to Roy Williams `horse-collar’ suspension, now we got Terrell Owens telling Jessica Simpson to beat it.

Right now, Jessica Simpson is not a fan favorite – in this locker room or in Texas Stadium,” Owens said Wednesday.

The Cowboys lost 10-6 to the Philadelphia Eagles and Romo had what was statistically the worst game of his career, all while Simpson sat in a luxury box wearing a pink No. 9 jersey she proudly showed off for television cameras.

The problem for her is, Romo’s previous worst game came last December at home to the Eagles when then-girlfriend Carrie Underwood was in attendance.

“With everything that has happened, obviously with the way Tony played and the comparison between her and Carrie Underwood, I think a lot of people feel she has taken his focus away,” Owens said, echoing the chatter on sports-talk radio and blogs. “Other than that, she was high on my list until last week.

“Oh, I got a message for her when we make the playoffs. Just stay tuned.

All this Jessica Simpson stuff has gotten out of hand. Girlfriends and wives are in the stands every game and we’re not slamming other players’ pitiful contributions to the fact their woman was in the bleachers. Romo stunk it up and that’s the end of the story. If Jessica doesn’t show up to the next game and Romo sucks even worse, is everyone going to start clamoring for her return a luxury box?

We’re just saying that we should keep the incidents separated. Why do we have to play connect the dots with everything that happens in sports? Let’s just keep our Tony Romo’s bad game insults over here and our Jessica Simpson’s big boobs and horse face insults over there and call it a day.


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