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Tony Romo learns from Nick Lachey’s mistake

Dallas Cowboys fans can exhale. While the curse of Jessica Simpson is still alive and well in Big D, Tony Romo made it perfectly clear there are no wedding bells currently ringing in his head.

I mean, it’s just rumors. That’s what people say,” the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, 27, told PEOPLE at Monday’s Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Male of the Year Awards – where he was honored alongside Simpson’s ex John Mayer and rumored former boyfriend Dane Cook. (“I guess you date Jessica Simpson, that makes you fearless!” Romo joked.)

But will there be marriage in Romo’s future?

“I’m sure I’ll get married one day. I don’t know when,” he says.

Did you notice that? Tony said, “I’m sure I’ll get married one day;” not we’ll get married one day. It’s a very subtle difference, but Romo’s a professional play caller; he’s a master at sliding in the hidden yet intentional nuances. From our point of view, that means things are defiantly looking up Dallas.


[]: Tony Romo: Jessica & I Are Not Engaged

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