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Other than being white and 8-years-old, Cody Paul is exactly like Reggie Bush

We’re not big on speculating about the potential of little kids when it comes to sports, mainly because they’re little freakin’ kids, but lots of people get their kicks outta searching the elementary schools of America in hopes of finding the next Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter or Barry Sanders. The reincarnations of those guys haven’t been discovered just yet, but The Commission has apparently gotten their hands on some tape of the next “Reggie Bush”. So for all you freaks that have been following O.J. Mayo since he was in kindergarten, we’d like to present to you 8-year-old Cody Paul.

We agree that the kid does have some pretty sweet skills, but calling him a “white Reggie Bush” might be a bit over the top. And predicting a Heisman trophy for Paul in 2017 is even more insane. Hey, this kid might turn out to be the best thing ever and we’ll be completely wrong about the hype, but nobody’s going to know for at least 10 years. Until then, we’re going to stick with the field for the 2017 Heisman.


[The Commission]: Cody Paul Is The TRUTH