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Odds and Ends: Isiah Thomas to offer next 10 first round picks for Kobe

Now that Kobe Bryant has officially asked to be traded from the Lakers, the multi-million dollar question is: where to? It’s fairly amusing the fan reaction to the Kobe demand. On on hand, you have Bright Side of the Sun which basically says no way. On the other, you have which is trying to figure out how many players they’d need to ship to LA to even out Kobe’s value/salary. And then you have The 700 Level which is asking whether Philly fans want the prodigal son to return.

Nowitzki for Kobe seems to be the most logical trade. You get superstar for superstar and you could move some minor pieces to make the contracts work out. The only problem is that Mark Cuban is hopelessly in love with Dirk. Kobe just made the pre-draft period 100x more interesting.

In other news…

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[Sac Bee]: But when he does, Barry Bonds might not give any memorabilia to the hall of fame. No wonder why everyone hates him.

[Sports By Brooks]: Getting knocked out and practically ruining UFC didn’t stop Chuck Liddell from partying

[AdFreak]: Is ballpark advertising still effective if an outfielder is lying unconscious in front of it?

[Our Book of Scrap]: You can party in Cozumel with the Broncos cheerleaders

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Luke Walton has lost his damn mind

There was a time when Britney Spears was arguably one of the 5 hottest chicks in the universe. When, if she had posed for playboy, it would have been the best selling issue of any magazine in the history of the world. Remember her in the red catsuit in the Oops I Did It Again video? That was when you would have liked to tag that. That album was released in May of 2000.

Well it’s almost May 2007 and Luke Walton is now getting around to dating Britney Spears? Does he realize that Britney has morphed into a digusting bloated bald mess with mental issues? Because someone should really tell him. The Lakers should immediately get his eyes checked and look into terminating his contract for indecent conduct.

This bit of news completely boggles the mind. You’re a ballplayer for chrissakes. Take a look at Tony Parker or Kobe Bryant. That’s how it’s done, Luke. And it’s not like you’re Sam Cassell, you can do a lot better than this. Hell, doing Sam Cassell might be better than Britney at this point. Throw it down, big man, throw it down.

By the way, do you want to know why we hate Britney so much? It’s because she completely let us down. How do you go from such a hot piece of tail to the chubby chick who works at Cinnabon right before our eyes. Every single cheeto, every milkshake, every white trash moment caught on camera. Just stop eating the damn cheetos! It’s like watching your team blow a 6.5 game lead with 12 to play.

Pics of Britney Spears looking extra super hot after the jump.


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Phil Jackson doesn’t care about March Madness

Turn that crap off!

A lot of people in Memphis last night might have considered Kobe Bryant to be the enemy as he dropped 60 points on the lowly Grizzlies. But there were a lot more people who would have preferred to get their hands around the neck of the Lakers’ coach Phil Jackson.

Last night’s LA/Memphis contest was being played at the same time as Memphis was matching up with Texas A&M in the Sweet Sixteen and the game was being shown on the jumbotron as Bryant was humiliating defenders live. There were sudden outbursts from those in attendance over the game on TV instead of the game on the court and Jackson got fed up with the fans loyalty to their school after Lamar Odom started clanging free throws because of the unexpected cheers.

So, completely devoid of any school spirit, Jackson went to referee Bob Delaney and demanded that he turn the close college contest off the big screen. And he did; with three seconds remaining and the Tigers up by a deuce.

I went to the scorer’s table and said, ‘That’s not right,’ “Jackson said later.”This is the game that’s being played here. Delaney did the right thing.

Eventually Memphis would advance to the Elite Eight after defeating the Aggies and the crowd in attendance would give a standing ovation when the score was finally revealed. While Jackson acted like his normal pompous self, at least Lamar Odom could roll with the punches.

Their team is in the race for a national championship,” he said. “It wasn’t surprising
at all.

The Zen Master could learn a thing or two from his pupil.


[]: NCAA action is distraction to Jackson

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Nov 7 in Sports HIstory: Magic Johnson announces he has HIV

In 1991 Magic Johnson shocked not just the basketball world but the entire nation by announcing that he was HIV-positive and would retire immediately from basketball. (video here) At the time, relatively little was known about HIV and AIDS and it was assumed that Magic would soon be gone. (At his press conference, Larry Bird/Basketball Jesus wept.) However, 15 years later, Magic is alive and well.

Even though he was retired, Magic was voted into the All-Star Game in 1992 and won the All-Star MVP award. Magic’s basketball career continued briefly when he won gold with the 1992 Dream Team.

In 1943 the New York Giants and the Detroit Lions played to a 0-0 tie, the last scoreless tie in NFL history. The Giants were terrible that day, only getting into Lions territory once and finishing with three passing yards. The Lions on the other ahnd managed to get into field goal range three times but Augie Lio missed from 32,50 and 25. Now if only the Raiders could play the Raiders on Monday night, we’d have our first scoreless tie in 63 years.

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Odds and Ends for Wed May 17 2006: Kobe as the blue Power Ranger

According to Ben, Kobe is “lined up” (whatever that means) to play the Blue Power Ranger in the upcoming 2007 series Power Rangers Relic Hunters. We have no idea why this is important but it’s just so odd and we wanted to work on our photoshop skills, paltry as they may be.

In other news…

[Lakers Blog]: More Kobe! Kobe will be in the TNT studio tonight as a guest analyst. Let the blackberries fly.

[Off Wing Opinion]: Video of the best hockey hits from the 2005-2006 season.

[El Lefty Malo]: Some Giants fan isn’t happy with Russ Springer throw at Bonds shoulder. In defense of Springer, we think it was just the gravitational pull of Barry’s enormous head.

[MSNBC]:Dammit Ma, we told you to stay away from Wrigley Field!

Real Odd of the Day: Larry Brown 4.5 to 1 to coach NY next season but 3.5 to 1 to coach Sacramento.

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Kobe demands a recount

You think perhaps the writers who voted for Steve Nash over Kobe simply because they don’t like Kobe want their ballots back? And you think maybe the Arizona Republic cost the Suns a playoff series by breaking the story and pissing Kobe off?

Not only did Kobe come up huge yesterday with a game-tying and a game-winning shot, he did it at the same time that Steve Nash came up very small in the 4th quarter and overtime. Of course, the fact that the refs swallowed their whistles didn’t help Nash.

From the Arizona Republic website comes this segment of live blogging: (Is there anything better than live blogging? It might be a top 10 blog invention.)


:00: Bryant hits a last second shot for the win. Heartbreak hotel for the Suns. Tim Thomas looks stunned as Kobe spends time chest thumping. A sickening loss for the Suns.

Luke Walton fouled Nash when they got the jump ball call. Bad officiating in the playoffs is inexcusable.

:06: Nash was mauled in the double team and its a jump ball. Nash was attempting to call a time out.

:15: Lakers ball after a messy Bell attempt. Why was Kobe on the bench? He will be undoubtedly in for the final seconds of this first OT.

:45: MVP Steve Nash hits a three. Ice water.

Fanboy probably wants that last statement back.

[You Tube]: Very nice video of highlights from the Lakers-Suns playoff series. (Not recommended for Suns fans)
[]: Flea’s Lakers blog. Either he thinks the world is all poetry or he can’t figure out his blogging software.
[MSNBC]: Kobe plays like MVP, lifts Lakers to tie
[Fox Sports]: Nash over Kobe for MVP? What a joke

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Kobe tells Bill Simmons where to shove it. Drops 81


A week after Bill Simmon’s column chastising Kobe for taking himself out of the game after scoring 62 in 3 quarters against the Mavs, Kobe goes and drops 81 on the Raptors. Now, Toronto is second worst in the league in defense but 81 points is monumental. It’s the second highest ever in the league (behind Wilt’s 100 of course) and Kobe’s 55 points in the second half is only second to Wilt’s 59 points in the first half of his 100 pointer. No matter how you feel about Kobe, you gotta respect a 81 point performance in the flow of the game. (The Lakers were only up 6 after three quarters and had traield by as many as 18 points in the 3rd.)  

Not to be lost in all of this is the Chowd’s words to Kobe:

Kobe took the easy way out. And in doing so, it was just one more manifestation of what has gone wrong with his career. He should have been the next MJ, should have broken the non-Wilt record, should have been the defining player of his generation. Instead, he’s another couldashouldawoulda guy.

The 62-point game will forever suggest as much.