Boxers try to land low blows, but fail miserably

Is it possible to be both a “pro” and a “Joe” at the same time? Even though Spike TV thinks otherwise, we’ve found proof that professional athletes can be very mediocre at other things. Take boxers for example. Some boxers know how to build excitement for a fight and then deliver what they promise, like the feud we saw between Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the weeks leading up to their 10 rounder in December. Those fellas are “pros” through and through.

On the other hand, you’ve got guys like Edison Miranda and Jean Pascal. Both are excellent fighters in their own rights, Miranda with a 29-2 record (25 KOs) and Pascal with a 20-0 record (14 KOs), but the duo could use a lesson or two on the mic. The two aren’t facing each other, but both fighters are involved in separate co-main events at tonight’s Friday Night Boxing from the Hard Rock Live Arena. However, there’s been talk about a possible bout between the two in the near future and, thus, the smack talk is a flowing. But these guys could defiantly use some silver-tongue tutoring because they’ll never sell a pay-per-view with insults like these:

I’m going to give you a beating ahead of time,” Miranda told Pascal at a news conference Monday. “The first knockout is going to happen right here.”

Miranda never delivered the punch but tensions continued at another news conference Wednesday.

”Look at him, he’s ugly,” Pascal said of Miranda. “They call him the Pantera [Panther], but when I finish with him, he will be a little black kitten.

See, it’s not exactly on the level of Mike Tyson’s brawl with Lennox Lewis and subsequent verbal gold of “I f*** you `til you love me b****!


[]: Boxers trade verbal blows